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Ugarte, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * TV Sport Broadcasts: Real Time Virtual Representation in 3D Terrain Models

Ugarte, M.D.[M. Dolores] Co Author Listing * Improving the Quality of Satellite Imagery Based on Ground-Truth Data from Rain Gauge Stations
* Interpolation of the Mean Anomalies for Cloud Filling in Land Surface Temperature and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
* On the Performances of Trend and Change-Point Detection Methods for Remote Sensing Data
* Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Models for Analysing NDVI Distribution of GIMMS NDVI3g Images
* Using RGISTools to Estimate Water Levels in Reservoirs and Lakes
Includes: Ugarte, M.D.[M. Dolores] Ugarte, M.D. Ugarte, M.D.[Maria Dolores]

Ugarte, R.C.[Rodrigo Cilla] Co Author Listing * Discovering social interactions in real work environments

Ugarte, R.J.[Ramon J.] Co Author Listing * Proving the efficiency of template matching-based markerless tracking methods which consider the camera perspective deformations
Includes: Ugarte, R.J.[Ramon J.] Ugarte, R.J.[Ramón J.]

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