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Urena Camara, M.A.[Manuel Antonio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Existing Production Frameworks for Statistical and Geographic Information: Synergies, Gaps and Integration, An
* Automatic Positional Accuracy Assessment of Imagery Segmentation Processes: A Case Study
* Determination of 3D Displacements of Drainage Networks Extracted from Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) Using Linear-Based Methods
* Expert Knowledge as Basis for Assessing an Automatic Matching Procedure
* Influence of Sample Size on Automatic Positional Accuracy Assessment Methods for Urban Areas
* Influence of sample size on line-based positional assessment methods for road data
* New Geographic Context Measure to Similarity Assessment Based on The Shape Context Descriptor, A
* Polygon and Point-Based Approach to Matching Geospatial Features, A
* Study of NSSDA Variability by Means of Automatic Positional Accuracy Assessment Methods
* Survey of Measures and Methods for Matching Geospatial Vector Datasets, A
* Using Third Party Data To Update A Reference Dataset In A Quality Evaluation Service
Includes: Urena Camara, M.A.[Manuel Antonio] Ureña-Cámara, M.A.[Manuel Antonio] Ureña-Cámara, M.A.[Manuel A.] Ureña-Cámara, M.A.
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Urena Fuentes, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity in Coastal Areas Worldwide from Raw Satellite Data
Includes: Urena Fuentes, L.[Leonardo] Ureña-Fuentes, L.[Leonardo]

Urena, J. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Local Positioning With Encoded Emission Beacons
* Detection of moving objects in railway using vision
* Detector of Electrical Discontinuity of Rails in Double-Track Railway Lines: Electronic System and Measurement Methodology
* Development of a Combined Satellite-Based Precipitation Dataset across Bolivia from 2000 to 2015, The
* Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways
* FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding
* Generation of Combined Daily Satellite-Based Precipitation Products over Bolivia
* Low cost obstacle detection for smart railway infrastructures
* Train wheel detection without electronic equipment near the rail line
* Ultrasonic sensor system for detecting falling objects on railways
Includes: Urena, J. Ureña, J. Ureña, J.[Jhonatan]
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Urena, M.A. Co Author Listing * Progressive Densification and Region Growing Methods for Lidar Data Classification
Includes: Urena, M.A. Ureña, M.A.

Urena, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Real-time tone mapping on GPU and FPGA

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