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Vari, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * Categorizing Grassland Vegetation with Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning: A Feasibility Study for Detecting Natura 2000 Habitat Types
Includes: Vari, A.[Agnes] Vári, Á.[Ágnes]

Varia, E.[Eirini] Co Author Listing * i-Wall: A Low-Cost Interactive Wall for Enhancing Visitor Experience and Promoting Industrial Heritage in Museums

Varia, M. Co Author Listing * Achieving Linguistic Provenance via Plagiarism Detection

Varia, N.[Neelanshi] Co Author Listing * Deep TEC: Deep Transfer Learning with Ensemble Classifier for Road Extraction from UAV Imagery

Variano, E.[Evan] Co Author Listing * ECOSTRESS and CIMIS: A Comparison of Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration in Riverside County, California

Varier, S.R.[Sidharth R.] Co Author Listing * Novel Representations, Techniques and Error Evaluation for 3D Reconstruction

Varigonda, P.T. Co Author Listing * Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation by Generation and Ordinal Ranking

Varigos, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Global versus Hybrid Thresholding for Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images

Varile, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Application to Surface Properties Retrieval Using TIR Measurements: A Fast Forward/Reverse Scheme to Deal with Big Data Analysis from New Satellite Generations

Varilova, Z.[Zuzana] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Characterisation and Kinematic Analysis of Large Slope Failures: Debre Sina Landslide, Main Ethiopian Rift Escarpment
Includes: Varilova, Z.[Zuzana] Varilová, Z.[Zuzana]

Varini, P.[Patrizia] Co Author Listing * Egocentric Video Personalization in Cultural Experiences Scenarios
* Personalized Egocentric Video Summarization of Cultural Tour on User Preferences Input

Varinlioglu, G.[Gunder] Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Remote Sensing for Detection and Visualization of Partially-Exposed Underground Structures in Complex Archaeological Sites
Includes: Varinlioglu, G.[Gunder] Varinlioglu, G.[Günder]

Varior, R.R.[Rahul Rama] Co Author Listing * Gated Siamese Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Human Re-identification
* Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Reidentification
* Siamese Long Short-Term Memory Architecture for Human Re-identification, A
* Understanding the impact of mistakes on background regions in crowd counting
Includes: Varior, R.R.[Rahul Rama] Varior, R.R.[R. Rama]

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