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Varna, A.L.[Avinash L.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Nonlinear Collusion Attacks on Fingerprinting Systems for Compressed Multimedia
* Performance impact of ordinal ranking on content fingerprinting
* Security analysis for privacy preserving search of multimedia

Varna, I.[Inese] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Code GNSS Receivers under Various Conditions
* Comparative Measurements of Astrogeodetic Deflection of the Vertical by Latvian and Swiss Digital Zenith Cameras
* Extreme Solar Events' Impact on GPS Positioning Results

Varna, S.[Srinivas] Co Author Listing * FPGA-based architecture of DSC-SRI units specially for motion blind ultrasound systems, An

Varnai, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Near-Cloud Changes in Atmospheric Aerosols Using Satellite Observations and Global Model Simulations
* Developing an Aircraft-Based Angular Distribution Model of Solar Reflection from Wildfire Smoke to Aid Satellite-Based Radiative Flux Estimation
* Effect of Cloud Fraction on Near-Cloud Aerosol Behavior in the MODIS Atmospheric Correction Ocean Color Product
* EPIC Spectral Observations of Variability in Earth's Global Reflectance
* MISR Radiance Anomalies Induced by Stratospheric Volcanic Aerosols
* Uncertainties in Ice-Sheet Altimetry From a Spaceborne 1064-nm Single-Channel Lidar Due to Undetected Thin Clouds
Includes: Varnai, T.[Tamas] Várnai, T.[Tamás] Varnai, T.

Varnam, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Volcanic CO2 Fluxes at Solfatara (Italy): Direct Versus Inverse Bayesian Retrieval
* Two Independent Light Dilution Corrections for the SO2 Camera Retrieve Comparable Emission Rates at Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Varnavas, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Dense photometric stereo reconstruction on many core GPUs
* Increasing the Automation of a 2D-3D Registration System
Includes: Varnavas, A.[Andreas] Varnavas, A.

Varner, R.K.[Ruth K.] Co Author Listing * Determining Subarctic Peatland Vegetation Using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

Varney, N. Co Author Listing * DALES: A Large-scale Aerial LiDAR Data Set for Semantic Segmentation

Varney, N.M. Co Author Listing * Volumetric features for object region classification in 3D LiDAR point clouds

Varni, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Laughter Detection From Full-Body Movements
* Change Matters! Measuring the Effect of Changing the Leader in Joint Music Performances, The
* Computational Study of Primitive Emotional Contagion in Dyadic Interactions
* Emotional entrainment in music performance
* System for Real-Time Multimodal Analysis of Nonverbal Affective Social Interaction in User-Centric Media, A
* Towards Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Groups of Users: Computational Models of Expressive Social Interaction
Includes: Varni, G. Varni, G.[Giovanna]

Varno, F.[Farshid] Co Author Listing * AdaBest: Minimizing Client Drift in Federated Learning via Adaptive Bias Estimation

Varnousfaderani, E.S. Co Author Listing * Sparse codes as Alpha Matte
* Sparse Coding for Alpha Matting
* Temporal trimap propagation using motion-assisted shape blending
* Top-down saliency with Locality-constrained Contextual Sparse Coding
* Using texture to complement color in image matting
* Weighted Color and Texture Sample Selection for Image Matting
Includes: Varnousfaderani, E.S. Varnousfaderani, E.S.[Ehsan Shahrian]

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