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Vrhel, M.J. Co Author Listing * Approximation of color characterization MLUTs with artificial neural networks
* Color correction and interpolation with few samples
* Color Device Calibration: A Mathematical Formulation
* Color Image Resolution Conversion
* Color Imaging For Multimedia
* Color Imaging: Current Trends and Beyond
* Color printer characterization in MATLAB
* Effects of Interpolation and Smoothing of Color Matching Functions, The
* Fast Continuous Wavelet Transform: A Least-Squares Formulation
* Filter Considerations in Color Correction
* Indexing of Multidimensional Lookup Tables in Embedded Systems
* mathematics of color calibration, The
* Multi-channel restoration of electron micrographs
* Multichannel Restoration with Limited A Priori Information
* Optimal color filters in the presence of noise
* Optimal Nonnegative Color Scanning Filters
* Problems in publishing accurate color in IEEE journals
* Quantitative Error Analysis of Color in IEEE Publications
* Reflectance spectra modeling methods
Includes: Vrhel, M.J. Vrhel, M.J.[Michael J.]
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