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Vucic, D.[Dunja] Co Author Listing * Impact of Packet Loss and Google Congestion Control on QoE for WebRTC-Based Mobile Multiparty Audiovisual Telemeetings, The

Vucic, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * Determination of a Hazard Compensations Based on Land Administration Data
* Land Administration Support for Post-disaster Management
* Overview of the Croatian Land Administration System and the Possibilities for Its Upgrade to 3D by Existing Data
Includes: Vucic, N.[Nikola] Vucic, N.

Vucini, E.[Erald] Co Author Listing * Efficient reconstruction from non-uniform point sets
* Enhancing the Reconstruction from Non-uniform Point Sets Using Persistence Information
* On the search of optimal reconstruction resolution
Includes: Vucini, E.[Erald] Vušini, E.[Erald]

Vucinic, D.[Dean] Co Author Listing * Distributed 3D Information Visualization: Towards Integration of the Dynamic 3D Graphics and Web Services

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