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Vukobratovic, D.[Dejan] Co Author Listing * Expanding Window Random Linear Codes for data partitioned H.264 video transmission over DVB-H network
* HEVC-based compression of high bit-depth 3D seismic data
* High bit-depth image compression with application to seismic data
* Lossy Compression of Multispectral Satellite Images with Application to Crop Thematic Mapping: A HEVC Comparative Study
* Random Network Coding for Multimedia Delivery Services in LTE/LTE-Advanced
* Scalable Video Multicast Using Expanding Window Fountain Codes
Includes: Vukobratovic, D.[Dejan] Vukobratovic, D.

Vukomanovic, J.[Jelena] Co Author Listing * From Meadow to Map: Integrating Field Surveys and Interactive Visualizations for Invasive Species Management in a National Park
* High Resolution Viewscape Modeling Evaluated Through Immersive Virtual Environments

Vukorep, I.[Ilija] Co Author Listing * Central Courtyard Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing Aerial Images Using Deep Learning: A Case-Study of Iran

Vukotic, V. Co Author Listing * Crossmodal Approach to Multimodal Fusion in Video Hyperlinking, A
* Exploiting Multimodality in Video Hyperlinking to Improve Target Diversity
* One-Step Time-Dependent Future Video Frame Prediction with a Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Neural Network
Includes: Vukotic, V. Vukotic, V.[Vedran]

Vukovic, A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Vector Model of Microstrip RF Resonators for High-Field MR Imaging, A

Vukovic, J.[Josip] Co Author Listing * Study of Tropospheric and Ionospheric Propagation Conditions during Differential Interferometric SAR Measurements Applied on Zagreb 22 March 2020 Earthquake, A

Vukovich, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Feature analysis through information granulation and fuzzy sets
* Fuzzy clustering with supervision
* Logic-oriented fuzzy clustering

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