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Waqar, F.[Fizza] Co Author Listing * Map-Based Recommendation System and House Price Prediction Model for Real Estate, A

Waqar, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Advancements in Contact-free Heart Rate Measurements Using Human Face Videos

Waqar, M.F.[Muhammad Faisal] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Engineering Geological Zonation for Linear Projects in Mountainous Regions: A Case Study of National Highway 318 Chengdu-Shigatse Section

Waqar, M.M.[Mirza Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Assessment for Urban Areas Using Post-Event PolSAR Data

Waqar, N.[Noor] Co Author Listing * Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation in MEC-Enabled Integrated Aerial-Terrestrial Vehicular Networks: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

Waqas, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Empirical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Estimation of Coastal Water Quality Parameters

Waqas, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Integrated Approach for 3D Solar Potential Assessment at the City Scale, An

Waqas, J.[Jadoon] Co Author Listing * Collaborative neighbor representation based classification using L_2-minimization approach
* Intrinsic structure based feature transform for image classification

Waqas, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * AAKE-BIVT: Anonymous Authenticated Key Exchange Scheme for Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Vehicles in Smart Transportation
* Coastline Vulnerability Assessment through Landsat and Cubesats in a Coastal Mega City
* Coupled dictionary learning in wavelet domain for Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Coupled multiple dictionary learning based on edge sharpness for single-image super-resolution
* Detecting Pornographic Images
* Image Tiling For Clustering To Improve Stability Of Constant-Time Color Bilateral Filtering
* Many-Objective Optimization Based Intrusion Detection for in-Vehicle Network Security
* Multi-Task CNN for Maritime Target Detection, A
* Optimisation-based training of evolutionary convolution neural network for visual classification applications
* Spatial and Temporal Variability of Open-Ocean Barrier Islands along the Indus Delta Region
* Weakly-supervised butterfly detection based on saliency map
Includes: Waqas, M.[Muhammad] Waqas, M.
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Waqas, M.M.[Muhammad Mohsin] Co Author Listing * Changes in Snow Cover Dynamics over the Indus Basin: Evidences from 2008 to 2018 MODIS NDSI Trends Analysis
* Flood Mitigation in the Transboundary Chenab River Basin: A Basin-Wise Approach from Flood Forecasting to Management

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