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Warwadekar, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Transferability of Object-Oriented Image Analysis Methods for Slum Identification

Warwick Champion, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Characterising the Aboveground Carbon Content of Saltmarsh in Jervis Bay, NSW, Using ArborCam and PlanetScope
Includes: Warwick Champion, E.[Elizabeth] Warwick-Champion, E.[Elizabeth]

Warwick, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Method and system for improved internet color

Warwick, K. Co Author Listing * Application of a Hybrid Tracking Algorithm to Motion Analysis, The
* Brain computer interface control via functional connectivity dynamics
* Computing journey start times with recurrent traffic conditions
* Free-text keystroke dynamics authentication for Arabic language
* Non-conventional keystroke dynamics for user authentication
* Planning Autonomous Vehicles in the Absence of Speed Lanes Using an Elastic Strip
* Practical Interface Experiments with Implant Technology
Includes: Warwick, K. Warwick, K.[Kevin]
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Warwick, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Cirrus Cloud Identification from Airborne Far-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Spectra

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