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Wash, L.G.[Larry G.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for addressing a font to suppress Moire patterns occurring thereby and a method for use therein
* Electronic graphic arts screener

Washaya, P.[Prosper] Co Author Listing * Coherence Change-Detection with Sentinel-1 for Natural and Anthropogenic Disaster Monitoring in Urban Areas

Washburn, B.E.[Brian E.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Raptor Movements with Satellite Telemetry and Avian Radar Systems: An Evaluation for Synchronicity

Washburn, C.E.[Caroline E.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Response of Temperature and Salinity in the Agulhas Current Region to ENSO Events

Washburn, D. Co Author Listing * Missile Tracking Using Knowledge-based Adaptive Thresholding

Washburn, R.B. Co Author Listing * Modeling and estimation for a class of multiresolution random fields

Washington Allen, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Las2DoD: Change Detection Based on Digital Elevation Models Derived from Dense Point Clouds with Spatially Varied Uncertainty
* Microtopographic Controls on Erosion and Deposition of a Rilled Hillslope in Eastern Tennessee, USA
Includes: Washington Allen, R.A.[Robert A.] Washington-Allen, R.A.[Robert A.]

Washington, C.W. Co Author Listing * Modality Independent Elastography (MIE): A New Approach to Elasticity Imaging

Washington, F. Co Author Listing * Why implement continuity plans in Organizations? Approach of a prospective study based on ITIL

Washington, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * TikTok for good: Creating a diverse emotion expression database

Washington, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Connect-the-Dots: A New Heuristic
* Many-Objective RadarCom Signal Design via NSGA-II Genetic Algorithm Implementation and Simulation Analysis

Washington, S. Co Author Listing * Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting: A Component-Wise Gradient Boosting Approach With Hierarchical Reconciliation

Washino, S.[Shoichi] Co Author Listing * Bodily state detection apparatus

Washio, N.[Nobuyuki] Co Author Listing * similarity measure between 3-D objects and its parallel computation, A

Washio, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * LiNearN: A new approach to nearest neighbour density estimator

Washio, Y.[Yasuyuki] Co Author Listing * Using Aesthetic and Empathetic Expressions to Motivate Desirable Lifestyle

Washisu, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Image blur prevention apparatus

Washizawa, Y.[Yoshikazu] Co Author Listing * Centered Subset Kernel PCA for Denoising
* Kernel sample space projection classifier for pattern recognition
* Learning Subspace Classification Using Subset Approximated Kernel Principal Component Analysis
* Non-linear Wiener filter in reproducing kernel Hilbert space
* Pattern Classification on Local Metric Structure
* Subset kernel PCA for pattern recognition
* Trace Norm Regularization and Application to Tensor Based Feature Extraction
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Washko, G.R. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Disease Subtyping: Application to Emphysema Phenotypes, A
* Biomarker Localization From Deep Learning Regression Networks
* Deformable Registration of Feature-Endowed Point Sets Based on Tensor Fields
* Pectoralis Muscle Segmentation on CT Images Based on Bayesian Graph Cuts with a Subject-Tailored Atlas
* Pulmonary Artery-Vein Classification in CT Images Using Deep Learning
Includes: Washko, G.R. Washko, G.R.[George R.]

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