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Werda, I. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Optimization of UB Video's H.264 Baseline Encoder Implementation on Texas Instruments' TMS320DM642 DSP
* Real-time H.264/AVC baseline decoder implementation on TMS320C6416
Includes: Werda, I. Werda, I.[Imen]

Werda, S.[Salah] Co Author Listing * Colour and Geometric based Model for Lip Localisation: Application for Lip-reading System

Werdell, P. Co Author Listing * Satellite-Derived Photic Depth on the Great Barrier Reef: Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Water Clarity

Werdell, P.J.[P. Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Reflectance Prediction Model for Both Open Ocean and Coastal Waters
* Radiative Transfer Modeling of Phytoplankton Fluorescence Quenching Processes

Werder, S. Co Author Listing * Information Mining for Disaster Management

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