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Wiklund, J. Co Author Listing * Advanced Filter Design
* Automated Generation of Representations in Vision
* Autonomous Inspection System for Nuclear Power Plants
* Combining shadow detection and simulation for estimation of vehicle size and position
* Exploratory learning structures in artificial cognitive systems
* Issues in Robot Vision
* Multidimensional Orientation Estimation with Applications to Texture Analysis and Optical Flow
* Online Learning of Correspondences between Images
* Optimal orientation detection of linear symmetry
* Optimization of Quadrature Filters Based on the Numerical Integration of Improper Integrals
Includes: Wiklund, J. Wiklund, J.[Johan]
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Wiklund, K.[Krister] Co Author Listing * fast and robust circle detection method using isosceles triangles sampling, A

Wiklund, U.[Urban] Co Author Listing * Heart Rate Variability for Classification of Alert Versus Sleep Deprived Drivers in Real Road Driving Conditions

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