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Wren, C.R.[Christopher Richard] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Wren, C.R.[Christopher Richard]: cwren AT media mit edu
* Ambient intelligence as the bridge to the future of pervasive computing
* Automatic pan-tilt-zoom calibration in the presence of hybrid sensor networks
* Browsing 3-D spaces with 3-D vision: Body-driven navigation through the internet city
* Dynaman: Recursive Modeling of Human Motion
* Dynamic Models of Human Motion
* Finding temporal patterns by data decomposition
* Perceptive Spaces for Performance and Entertainment: Untethered Interaction Using Computer Vision and Audition
* Pfinder: Real-Time Tracking of the Human Body
* Similarity-based analysis for large networks of ultra-low resolution sensors
* Understanding Expressive Action
* Understanding Purposeful Human Motion
* Videoconferencing method with tracking of face and dynamic bandwidth allocation
Includes: Wren, C.R.[Christopher Richard] Wren, C.R.[Christopher R.] Wren, C.R.
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Wrenn, M. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Mapping and Autonomous Parking for Multi-Story Parking Garage

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