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Yabu Uti, J.B.T.[Joao B.T.] Co Author Listing * Biometric Access Control Through Numerical Keyboards Based on Keystroke Dynamics
* User Authentication through Typing Biometrics Features
Includes: Yabu Uti, J.B.T.[Joao B.T.] Yabu-Uti, J.B.T.[João B.T.] Yabu-Uti, J.B.T.[Joao B. T.]

Yabui, T. Co Author Listing * Facial expression analysis from 3d range images; comparison with the analysis from 2d images and their integration

Yabuki, M. Co Author Listing * Global interpolation in the segmentation of handwritten characters overlapping a border
* Global Interpolation Method II for Handwritten Numbers Overlapping a Border by Automatic Knowledge Acquisition of Overlapped Conditions
* On the Performance of the Range Imaging Technique Estimated Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles During the ShUREX 2015 Campaign

Yabuki, N. Co Author Listing * Calibration Method of Two Mobile Laser Scanning System Units For Railway Measurement, A
* Creating Product Models from Point Cloud of Civil Structures Based on Geometric Similarity
* Development of a City-Scale Approach for Façade Color Measurement with Building Functional Classification Using Deep Learning and Street View Images
* Way-Finding Assistance System for Underground Facilities Using Augmented Reality
Includes: Yabuki, N. Yabuki, N.[Nobuyoshi]

Yabushita, H.[Hiroko] Co Author Listing * framework of three-dimensional object recognition which needs only a few reference images, A
* method based on view-directional consistency constraints for robust 3D object recognition, The

Yabuta, K.[Kenichi] Co Author Listing * Exclusive Block Matching for Moving Object Extraction and Tracking
* New Method for Moving Object Extraction and Tracking Based on the Exclusive Block Matching, A

Yabuuchi, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for representing continuous tone and high contrast images on a bilevel display

Yabuuchi, T.[Tomohiro] Co Author Listing * Driver Drowsiness Estimation by Parallel Linked Time-Domain CNN with Novel Temporal Measures on Eye States

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