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Yeap, A. Co Author Listing * StereoTag: A novel stereogram-marker-based approach for Augmented Reality

Yeap, B.L.[Bee Leong] Co Author Listing * performance of H263-based video telephony over turbo-equalized GSM/GPRS, The

Yeap, T.H. Co Author Listing * Optimum Management of Urban Traffic Flow Based on a Stochastic Dynamic Model

Yeap, W. Co Author Listing * Design of a new trading card for table-top augmented reality game environment

Yeap, W.K.[Wai Kiang] Co Author Listing * SLAM with conceptualisation
* Split and Merge Approach to Metric-Topological Map-Building, A
* Stereo Model Using LoG and Gabor Filters, A
Includes: Yeap, W.K.[Wai Kiang] Yeap, W.K.[Wai K.] Yeap, W.K.

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