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Zuriarrain, I. Co Author Listing * MCMC-based particle filter for multiple person tracking, An
* Tracking-by-detection of multiple persons by a resample-move particle filter
Includes: Zuriarrain, I. Zuriarrain, I.[Iker]

Zurita Milla, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Checking the Consistency of Volunteered Phenological Observations While Analysing Their Synchrony
* Cloud-Based Multi-Temporal Ensemble Classifier to Map Smallholder Farming Systems, A
* Dataset Reduction Techniques to Speed Up SVD Analyses on Big Geo-Datasets
* Evaluating the Performance of a Random Forest Kernel for Land Cover Classification
* Exploring Spatiotemporal Phenological Patterns and Trajectories Using Self-Organizing Maps
* Gridding Artifacts on Medium-Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: MERIS Case Study
* Identifying crops in smallholder farms using time series of WorldView-2 images
* Identifying Spatiotemporal Patterns in Land Use and Cover Samples from Satellite Image Time Series
* Multitemporal Unmixing of Medium-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study Using MERIS Images for Land-Cover Mapping
* On the use of guided regularized random forests to identify crops in smallholder farm fields
* Workflow for Automated Satellite Image Processing: from Raw VHSR Data to Object-Based Spectral Information for Smallholder Agriculture, A
Includes: Zurita Milla, R.[Raul] Zurita-Milla, R.[Raul] Zurita-Milla, R.
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Zurita, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * SMOS Third Mission Reprocessing after 10 Years in Orbit

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