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Mitchell, B.T.,
AIPR Image Understanding in the '90s: Building Systems That Work,
SPIE(1406), Mclean, Va, October 18-19 1990. BibRef 9010

Harmon, J.[Jane], 21st
AIPR Workshop on Interdisciplinary Computer Vision,
SPIE(1838), 1992. ISBN: 0-8194-1043-8, October 1992, Washington, DC. WWW Link.
BibRef 9210

Selander, J.M., 22nd
AIPR Workshop: Interdisciplinary Computer Vision: Applications and Changing Needs,
SPIE(2103), 1993. ISBN: 0-8194-1390-9, October 13-15, 1993, Washington, DC. WWW Link.
BibRef 9310

Costianes, P.J.[Peter J.], 23rd
AIPR Workshop: Image and Information Systems: Applications and Opportunities,
SPIE(2368), 1994. ISBN: 0-8194-1710-6, October 12-14, 1994, Washington, DC. WWW Link.
BibRef 9410

Gerson, D.J., (Ed.) 24th
AIPR Workshop on Tools and Techniques for Modeling and Simulation,
SPIE(2645), 1995. WWW Link.
BibRef 9500

Mericsko, R.J.[Robert J.],
27th AIPR Workshop: Advances in Computer-Assisted Recognition,
SPIE(3584), ISBN: 0-8194-3054-4, 1999, 10/14 - 10/16/98, Washington, DC, USA WWW Link.
BibRef 9900

AIPR Workshop,
in the DC area, since 1971. AIPRIn 1991 sessions on: Architectures, Algorithms Reduced to Practice, System Performance, Technology Transfer, Neural Nets. In recent years, sponsored by SPIE (see above). Sponsored by IEEE since 2000. BibRef 0001

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