Journals starting with acta

Acta Electronica(2) * Communication Theory applied to TV Coding

Acta Inf.(18) * Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Suitable for Similar Text Strings, A

Acta Inf.(4) * Quad Trees: A Data Structure for Retrieval on Composite Keys

Acta Inf.(9) * Worst-Case Analysis for Region and Partial Region Searches in Multidimensional Binary Search Trees and Quad Trees

Acta Numerica(21) * Secrets of Image Denoising cuisine

Acta Stereologica(12) * Modelisation of Spatial Organization of Vegetations in Floodplains

ActaCyber( Vol No. ) * *Acta Cybernetica

ActaCyber(14) * Distortion Limited Wavelet Image Codec

ActaMat( Vol No. ) * *Acta Matematica

ActaMat(168) * variational method in image segmentation: Existence and approximation results, A

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