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AIR( Vol No. ) * *AI Review

AIR(1) * Representing 3D Structures for Visual Recognition

AIR(10) * From Chinese Rooms to Irish Rooms: New Words on Visions for Language
* Grounding Symbols into Perceptions
* Integration of Natural-Language and Vision Processing: Grounding Representations
* Understanding Language Through Vision
* Work on the Integration of Language and Vision at the University of Torino

AIR(12) * 3-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Procedure for Food Microstructure Evaluation
* Automatic Plankton Image Recognition
* Color Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks for the Detection of Defects in Poultry Eggs
* Computer Vision Method for Determining Length Of Cheese Shreds, A
* Identification and Measurement of Convolutions in Cotton Fiber Using Image Analysis
* Spatial Reasoning Using the Quad Tesseral Representation
* Video Grading of Oranges in Real-Time
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AIR(16) * Conceptual Spaces for Computer Vision Representations

AIR(19) * Interactive Visual User Interfaces: A Survey

AIR(23) * Feature Recognition in Solar Images
* Spatial Models for Wide-Area Visual Surveillance: Computational Approaches and Spatial Building-Blocks

AIR(30) * review on the combination of binary classifiers in multiclass problems, A

AIR(31) * HandPuppet3D: Motion capture and analysis for character animation

AIR(32) * Automated solutions to incomplete jigsaw puzzles

AIR(33) * Review of brain MRI image segmentation methods

AIR(34) * Bayesian belief network learning algorithms for modeling contextual relationships in natural imagery: a comparative study
* biologically inspired object-based visual attention model, A
* new method for MR grayscale inhomogeneity correction, A
* review of wave-net identical learning and filling-in in a decomposition space of (JPG-JPEG) sampled images, A

AIR(35) * Document image analysis: issues, comparison of methods and remaining problems
* survey of keyword spotting techniques for printed document images, A

AIR(36) * Class mean embedding for face recognition
* effective web document clustering algorithm based on bisection and merge, An

AIR(37) * Survey on classifying human actions through visual sensors

AIR(38) * Complex fuzzy c-means algorithm
* Learning rules of a card game from video
* Ontology-assisted automatic precise information extractor for visually impaired inhabitants

AIR(8) * Computational Models for Integrating Linguistic and Visual Information: A Survey
* Connectionist Visualization of Tonal Structure
* From Vision To Multimodal Communication: Incremental Route Descriptions
* Grounding Language in Perception
* Hierarchical Labeling For Integrating Images And Words
* Integrating Natural-Language Understanding with Document Structure-Analysis
* Integration of Natural-Language and Vision Processing: Computational Models and Systems
* Integration of Natural-Language and Vision Processing: More Computational Models and Systems
* Investigation Into The Common Semantics Of Language And Vision, An
* Real-World Computing Program, The
* Towards An American Sign Language Interface
* Use of Captions and Other Collateral Text in Understanding Photographs
* Vision of Vision and Language Comprises Action: An Example From Road Traffic, A
* Visual Translator: Linking Perceptions And Natural-Language Descriptions
* What You Say Is What You See: Interactive Generation, Manipulation and Modification of 3-D Shapes Based on Verbal Descriptions
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AIR(9) * Integration of Natural-Language and Vision Processing: Intelligent Multimedia
* Integration of Natural-Language and Vision Processing: Theory
* Interpreting a Dynamic and Uncertain World: High-Level Vision
* Language and Vision: A Single Perceptual Mechanism
* Language, Vision and Metaphor
* Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning about Space, A
* Memory and Expectations in Learning, Language, and Visual Understanding
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