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AMFG03 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Absolute head pose estimation from overhead wide-angle cameras
* Advances in component based face detection
* Automatic face classifications by self-organization for face recognition
* Avoiding replay-attacks in a face recognition system using head-pose estimation
* Boosted audio-visual HMM for speech reading
* Component-based LDA method for face recognition with one training sample
* CSLDS: Chinese sign language dialog system
* Discriminant analysis of stochastic models and its application to face recognition
* Efficient active appearance model for real-time head and facial feature tracking
* Extraction of 3D hand shape and posture from images sequences from sign language recognition
* Face modeling and recognition in 3-D
* Face recognition vendor test 2002
* Facing the future
* Fully Automatic Upper Facial Action Recognition
* Head pose estimation using Fisher manifold learning
* Human body tracking with auxiliary measurements
* Human recognition of familiar and unfamiliar people in naturalistic video
* Illumination modeling and normalization for face recognition
* Illumination normalization for robust face recognition against varying lighting conditions
* Inference of human postures by classification of 3D human body shape
* Iris tracking with feature free contours
* Is face recognition in pictures affected by the center of projection?
* Manifold of facial expression
* Model-based 3D face capture with shape-from-silhouettes
* Multi-modal 2D and 3D biometrics for face recognition
* Multi-modal face tracking using bayesian network
* PCA-based face recognition in infrared imagery: baseline and comparative studies
* Pose Estimation Using 3D View-Based Eigenspaces
* Probabilistic tracking and recognition of non-rigid hand motion
* Quantified Study of Facial Asymmetry in 3D Faces, A
* Rank constrained recognition under unknown illuminations
* Real-time view-based face alignment using active wavelet networks
* Sequential Monte Carlo tracking of body parameters in a sub-space
* Shape and appearance models of talking faces for model-based tracking
* Using similarity scores from a small gallery to estimate recognition performance for larger galleries
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AMFG07 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Boosted Discriminatory Classifiers
* Detecting, Localizing and Classifying Visual Traits from Arbitrary Viewpoints Using Probabilistic Local Feature Modeling
* Enhanced Local Texture Feature Sets for Face Recognition Under Difficult Lighting Conditions
* Face Recognition Based on Pose-Variant Image Synthesis and Multi-level Multi-feature Fusion
* Fusing Gabor and LBP Feature Sets for Kernel-Based Face Recognition
* Generating Body Surface Deformation Using Level Set Method
* Human Face Processing with 1.5D Models
* Human Perambulation as a Self Calibrating Biometric
* Integrating Multiple Visual Cues for Robust Real-Time 3D Face Tracking
* Learning Personal Specific Facial Dynamics for Face Recognition from Videos
* Model-Assisted 3D Face Reconstruction from Video
* Model-Based Stereo with Occlusions
* New Probabilistic Model for Recognizing Signs with Systematic Modulations, A
* Patch-Based Pose Inference with a Mixture of Density Estimators
* Person-Independent Monocular Tracking of Face and Facial Actions with Multilinear Models
* Robust Face Recognition Strategies Using Feed-Forward Architectures and Parts
* Single Image Subspace for Face Recognition
* SODA-Boosting and Its Application to Gender Recognition
* Structured Ordinal Features for Appearance-Based Object Representation
* Towards Pose-Invariant 2D Face Classification for Surveillance
* Unified Framework of Subspace and Distance Metric Learning for Face Recognition, A
* View Invariant Head Recognition by Hybrid PCA Based Reconstruction
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AMFG10 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Affect valence inference from facial action unit spectrograms
* Automated pose estimation in 3D point clouds applying annealing particle filters and inverse kinematics on a GPU
* Face age estimation using model selection
* Facial component detection in thermal imagery
* Gender classification from unconstrained video sequences
* hierarchical approach to facial aging, A
* Human age estimation: What is the influence across race and gender?
* Real time head pose tracking from multiple cameras with a generic model
* robust framework for multiview age estimation, A
* Spatio-Temporal GrabCut human segmentation for face and pose recovery
* study of large-scale ethnicity estimation with gender and age variations, A
* taxonomy of face-models for system evaluation, A
* Tensor-Jet: A tensorial representation of Local Binary Gaussian Jet maps
* Topological dynamic Bayesian networks: Application to human face identification across ages
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AMFG13 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Affectiva-MIT Facial Expression Dataset (AM-FED): Naturalistic and Spontaneous Facial Expressions Collected In-the-Wild
* Bidirectional Warping of Active Appearance Model
* Emotional Expression Classification Using Time-Series Kernels
* Evaluating Open-Universe Face Identification on the Web
* Face Recognition Across Poses Using a Single 3D Reference Model
* LGE-KSVD: Flexible Dictionary Learning for Optimized Sparse Representation Classification
* Local Sparse Discriminant Analysis for Robust Face Recognition
* Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization
* Out-of-Sample Embedding for Manifold Learning Applied to Face Recognition
* Power Is in Your Hands: 3D Analysis of Hand Gestures in Naturalistic Video, The
* Semi-automatic Methodology for Facial Landmark Annotation, A
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AMFG15 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Age and gender classification using convolutional neural networks
* Exemplar Hidden Markov Models for classification of facial expressions in videos
* FAME: Face Association through Model Evolution
* Head pose estimation in the wild using approximate view manifolds
* Mixture of parts revisited: Expressive part interactions for Pose Estimation
* Multi-observation face recognition in videos based on label propagation
* Sparse Coding Trees with application to emotion classification
* Towards privacy-preserving activity recognition using extremely low temporal and spatial resolution cameras
* Towards robust cascaded regression for face alignment in the wild
* Using Hankel matrices for dynamics-based facial emotion recognition and pain detection
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AMFG17 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* DeepVisage: Making Face Recognition Simple Yet With Powerful Generalization Skills
* Dense Face Alignment
* Detecting Smiles of Young Children via Deep Transfer Learning
* Disguised Face Identification (DFI) with Facial KeyPoints Using Spatial Fusion Convolutional Network
* Early Adaptation of Deep Priors in Age Prediction from Face Images
* FacePoseNet: Making a Case for Landmark-Free Face Alignment
* Fast and Accurate Face Recognition with Image Sets
* From Face Recognition to Kinship Verification: An Adaptation Approach
* Improving Face Verification and Person Re-Identification Accuracy Using Hyperplane Similarity
* Learning Deep Convolutional Embeddings for Face Representation Using Joint Sample- and Set-Based Supervision
* Simple Triplet Loss Based on Intra/Inter-Class Metric Learning for Face Verification
* SmileNet: Registration-Free Smiling Face Detection In The Wild
* Toward Describing Human Gaits by Onomatopoeias
* Understanding and Comparing Deep Neural Networks for Age and Gender Classification
* Using Synthetic Data to Improve Facial Expression Analysis with 3D Convolutional Networks
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AMFG18 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* Clothing Change Aware Person Identification
* Compact Deep Learning Model for Robust Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Empirically Analyzing the Effect of Dataset Biases on Deep Face Recognition Systems
* FACSCaps: Pose-Independent Facial Action Coding with Capsules
* Fine-Grained Head Pose Estimation Without Keypoints
* Generative Adversarial Style Transfer Networks for Face Aging
* Implementing a Robust Explanatory Bias in a Person Re-identification Network
* Improving Viseme Recognition Using GAN-Based Frontal View Mapping
* Light-Weight Head Pose Invariant Gaze Tracking
* Motion Fused Frames: Data Level Fusion Strategy for Hand Gesture Recognition
* On Detecting Domestic Abuse via Faces
* Recognizing American Sign Language Gestures from Within Continuous Videos
* Unraveling Human Perception of Facial Aging Using Eye Gaze
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AMFG21 * *International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
* ASMNet: a Lightweight Deep Neural Network for Face Alignment and Pose Estimation
* Efficient 3D Synthetic Model Generation Pipeline for Human Pose Data Augmentation, An
* EQFace: A Simple Explicit Quality Network for Face Recognition
* EVA-GCN: Head Pose Estimation Based on Graph Convolutional Networks
* Face Parsing from RGB and Depth Using Cross-Domain Mutual Learning
* LEGAN: Disentangled Manipulation of Directional Lighting and Facial Expressions whilst Leveraging Human Perceptual Judgements
* Micro-Expression Classification based on Landmark Relations with Graph Attention Convolutional Network
* Part-aware Measurement for Robust Multi-View Multi-Human 3D Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Video-based Person Re-identification without Bells and Whistles
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