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COINS * *University of Massachusetts
* Accuracy of 3D Parameters in Correspondence-Based Techniques, The
* Adaptive Tracking and Model Registration Across Distinct Aspects
* Analysis of an Algorithm for Detection of Translational Motion
* AURA: An Architecture for Vision-Based Robot Navigation
* Can Too Much Perspective Spoil the View? A Case Study in 2D Affine Versus 3D Perspective Model Matching
* DARPA Image Understanding Benchmark for Parallel Computers, The
* Design of a Semanitcally Directed Vision Processor
* Determining Motion Parameters Using a Perturbation Approach
* Determining the Instantaneous Axis of Translation from Optic Flow Generated by Arbitrary Sensor Motion
* Executing Reactive Behavior for Autonomous Navigation
* Experiments in Autonomous Navigation
* Experiments in Schema-Driven Interpretation of a Natural Scene
* Extracting and Labeling Boundary Segments in Natural Scenes
* Extracting Straight Lines
* From Image Measurements to Object Hypotheses
* Goal-Directed Control of Low Level Processes for Image Interpretation
* Identification of Human Faces Using Data-Driven Segmentation, Rule-based Hypothesis Formulation, and Iterative Model-based Hypothesis Verification
* Image Understanding Architecture, The
* Information Fusion Problem and Rule Based Hypothesis Applied to Complex Aggregations of Image Events, The
* Integrated Understanding Benchmark: Recognition of a 2 1/2 D MOBILE, An
* Integrating Non-Semantic Knowledge into Image Segmentation Processes
* ISR2: User's Guide
* ISR: A Database for Symbolic Processing in Computer Vision
* Learning Blackboard-Based Scheduling Algorithms for Computer Vision
* Learning Object Color under Varying Outdoor Illumination
* Matching Perspective Views of Coplanar Structures Using Projective Unwarping and Similarity Matching
* Measuring Visual Motion from Image Sequences
* Model Dependent Inference of 3D Information from a Sequence of 2D Images
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Non-parametric Classification of Pixels Under Varying Outdoor Illumination
* Optimization of 2-Dimensional Model Matching Under Rotation, Translation and Scale
* Perceptual Completion of Occluded Surfaces
* Pose Refinement: Application to Model Extension and Sensitivity to Camera Parameters
* Processing Differential Image Motion
* Processing Dynamic Image Sequences from a Moving Sensor
* Processing Translational Motion Sequences
* Recovering 2-D Motion Parameters in Scenes Containing Multiple Moving Objects
* Region Extraction and Description Through Planning
* Robust Estimation of Camera Location and Orientation from Noisy Data Having Outliers
* Schema System, The
* Searching for Geometric Structure in Images of Natural Scenes
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms and Region Merging
* Some Remarks on the Use of Color in Machine Vision
* Studies in Image Segmentation Algorithms Based on Histogram Clustering and Relaxation
* Tools and Experiments in the Knowledge-Directed Interpretation of Road Scenes
* Topological Reconstruction of a Smooth Manifold-Solid from its Occluding Contour
* Towards Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation
* Translating Optical Flow into Token Matches and Depth from Looming
* Translational Motion Algorithm with Global Feature Constraints
* Trichromatic Model of Daylight Variation
* Use of an Evidential Based Model for Representing Knowledge and Reasoning about Images in the VISIONS System, The
* VISIONS Image-Understanding System, The
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