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Draft * Adaptive Image Segmentation
* Concurrent, Fault Tolerant Detection of 2-D Motion
* Determining Temporal Persistence and Consistent Edge Motion from Natural Images
* Estimating Workpiece Pose Using the Feature Points Method
* Fast Algorithm for Motion Prediction, A
* Framework for Interpretation of Aerial Images, A
* Geometric Methods for Relative Reconstruction from Weakly Calibrated Images
* Identification of Man-Made Objects using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Image Processing for Position Detection
* Mode Estimation and Non-Linear Image Smoothing with Adaptive Rank-Order Filters
* Model of Attention-Guided Visual Perception and Recognition, A
* Morpholog: A Software Package for the Quantitative Image Analysis
* Motion Estimation Using Multiple Frames, Simple Cases: Rotation and Translation
* On 3D Model Construction by Fusing Heterogeneous Sensor Data
* Quantization Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Simple Kinematic Model Based Approach for 3-D Motion and Structure Estimation, A
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition by Two-Dimensional Inclined Shapes Matching with Area Ratios Method
* Two Automatic Color Segmentation Algorithms Applied to Six Skin Tumor Features
* Virtually Observable Temporal Kinematic Descriptors for Polynomial Translations
* Visually Estimating Workpiece Pose in a Robot Hand Using the Feature Points Method
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