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* Attack Analysis for He and Wu's Joint Watermarking/Fingerprinting Scheme
* Authenticating Binary Text Documents Using a Localising OMAC Watermark Robust to Printing and Scanning
* Comparison of DCT and DWT Block Based Watermarking on Medical Image Quality, A
* Design an Aperiodic Stochastic Resonance Signal Processor for Digital Watermarking
* Detecting Photographic Composites of People
* Dither Modulation in the Logarithmic Domain
* Effect of Different Coding Patterns on Compressed Frequency Domain Based Universal JPEG Steganalysis
* Fusion Based Blind Image Steganalysis by Boosting Feature Selection
* GA-Based Robustness Evaluation Method for Digital Image Watermarking
* General Data Hiding Framework and Multi-level Signature for Binary Images, A
* High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding for 3D Meshes in the PVQ Domain
* High Payload VQ Steganographic Method for Binary Images, A
* High-Capacity Invisible Background Encoding for Digital Authentication of Hardcopy Documents
* Improved Reversible Difference Expansion Watermarking Algorithm, An
* In)Security of an Efficient Fingerprinting Scheme with Symmetric and Commutative Encryption of IWDW 2005
* Least Distortion Halftone Image Data Hiding Watermarking by Optimizing an Iterative Linear Gain Control Model
* Marriage of Cryptography and Watermarking: Beneficial and Challenging for Secure Watermarking and Detection, The
* Modified Kernels-Alternated Error Diffusion Watermarking Algorithm for Halftone Images, A
* Multiple Domain Watermarking for Print-Scan and JPEG Resilient Data Hiding
* Multiple Scrambling and Adaptive Synchronization for Audio Watermarking
* Multiple Watermarking in Visual Cryptography
* On the Complexity of Obtaining Optimal Watermarking Schemes
* Optimum Histogram Pair Based Image Lossless Data Embedding
* Practical Real-Time Video Watermarking Scheme Robust against Downscaling Attack, A
* Reversible Data Hiding Using Prediction Error Values Embedding
* Reversible Quantization-Index Modulation Using Neighboring Correlation
* Robust Audio Zero-Watermark Based on LWT and Chaotic Modulation
* Scalable Security and Conditional Access Control for Multiple Regions of Interest in Scalable Video Coding
* Secure Video Multicast Based on Desynchronized Fingerprint and Partial Encryption
* Steganalysis of Enhanced BPCS Steganography Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform Based Sequential Analysis
* Steganalysis of Multi Bit Plane Image Steganography
* Steganalysis Versus Splicing Detection
* Theoretical Framework for Watermarking of Compressed Signals, A
* Watermarking for Authentication of LZ-77 Compressed Documents
* Watermarking, a Mature Technology: Retrospect and Prospect
* Weaknesses of MB2
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