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EVW21 * *Embedded Vision
* Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation with Unfolded Robust PCA based on Residual Overcomplete Auto-Encoder Blocks
* CASSOD-Net: Cascaded and Separable Structures of Dilated Convolution for Embedded Vision Systems and Applications
* Combining Weight Pruning and Knowledge Distillation For CNN Compression
* Depth distillation: unsupervised metric depth estimation for UAVs by finding consensus between kinematics, optical flow and deep learning
* Phase Selective Convolution

EVW22 * *Embedded Vision
* Does Interference Exist When Training a Once-For-All Network?
* Efficient Multi-Purpose Cross-Attention Based Image Alignment Block for Edge Devices
* ImageSig: A signature transform for ultra-lightweight image recognition
* MAPLE-Edge: A Runtime Latency Predictor for Edge Devices
* Multi-Dimensional Vision Transformer Compression via Dependency Guided Gaussian Process Search
* On-Sensor Binarized Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Localisation and Coarse Segmentation
* Real-time Hyper-Dimensional Reconfiguration at the Edge using Hardware Accelerators
* SymDNN: Simple & Effective Adversarial Robustness for Embedded Systems
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