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HCI11 * *Human-Computer Interaction
* Demonstrations and live evaluation for the gesture recognition challenge
* Developer-centred interface design for computer vision
* Freehand 3D scanning in a mobile environment using video
* Measuring and reducing observational latency when recognizing actions
* Mid-air interactive display using modulated display light
* Monocular omnidirectional head motion capture in the visible light spectrum
* MoPaCo: High telepresence video communication system using motion parallax with monocular camera
* Real time feature point tracking with automatic model selection
* Real-time sign language letter and word recognition from depth data
* Real-time upper body tracking with online initialization using a range sensor
* Robust validation of Visual Focus of Attention using adaptive fusion of head and eye gaze patterns
* Using Segmented 3D Point Clouds for Accurate Likelihood Approximation in Human Pose Tracking
* Volumetric 3D graphics on commodity displays using active gaze tracking
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