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InfoControl( Vol No. ) * *Information and Control

InfoControl(13) * Language of Encoded Line Patterns, The

InfoControl(14) * Formal Picture Description Scheme as a Basis for Picture Processing Systems, A

InfoControl(15) * New Approach to Clustering, A

InfoControl(17) * Gray-Weighted Skeleton, A

InfoControl(24) * Note on Perimeter and Diameter in Digital Pictures, A

InfoControl(26) * Adjacency in Digital Pictures

InfoControl(27) * Note on Cycle Grammars, A

InfoControl(29) * Characterization of Parallel Thinning Algorithms, A
* Converse to the Jordan Curve Theorem for Digital Curves, A

InfoControl(31) * Some Notes on Finite-State Picture Languages

InfoControl(36) * Geodesics in Digital Pictures

InfoControl(39) * Clusters in Digital Pictures

InfoControl(4) * Automatic Pattern Recognition by a Gestalt Method

InfoControl(40) * Fuzzy Digital Topology

InfoControl(48) * Triangle Cellular Automata

InfoControl(5) * Line Segment Curve-Fitting Algorithm Related to Optimal Encoding of Information, A

InfoControl(50) * Three-Dimensional Digital Topology

InfoControl(51) * Surfaces in Three-Dimensional Digital Images

InfoControl(53) * Recognition of Surfaces in three-Dimensional Digital Imgaes
* Using String Languages to Describe Picture Languages

InfoControl(61) * Dynamic, First-Fit Packings in Two or More Dimensions

InfoControl(63) * Dynamic C-Oriented Polygonal Intersection Searching

InfoControl(7) * Experiments of Computer Recognition of Connected Handwritten Words
* Labeling Schemata and Syntactic Descriptions of Pictures

InfoControl(8) * Fuzzy Sets
* Machine Recognition of Hand Printing

InfoControl(9) * Associating Parts of Patterns

InfoControl(95) * Correctness and Efficiency of Pattern Matching Algorithms

InfoFusion( Vol No. ) * *Information Fusion Journal

InfoFusion(4) * fuzzy rule-based interactive fusion system for seismic data analysis, A

INFORM(10) * OCR Accuracy: UNLV's Fifth Annual Test

INFORM(8) * OCR Accuracy: UNLV's Second Annual Test
* OCR Accuracy: UNLV's Third Annual Test

Information Fusion(3) * Feature and decision level sensor fusion of electromagnetic induction and ground penetrating radar sensors for landmine detection with hand-held units

Information Processing * Machine Recognition of Cursive Writing

Information Science(7) * Networks of Constraints: Fundamental Properties and Applications to Picture Processing

Information Sciences * On the Behavior of the Laplacian of Gaussian for Junction Models

InfoSys(21) * Labeling Evaluation in Probabilistic Networks

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