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MMForWild20 * *MultiMedia FORensics in the WILD 2020
* Analysis of the Scalability of a Deep-learning Network for Steganography into the Wild
* Defending Neural ODE Image Classifiers from Adversarial Attacks with Tolerance Randomization
* Differential Morphed Face Detection Using Deep Siamese Networks
* Fingerprint Adversarial Presentation Attack in the Physical Domain
* Forchheim Image Database for Camera Identification in the Wild, The
* Forensics Through Stega Glasses: The Case of Adversarial Images
* In-Depth DCT Coefficient Distribution Analysis for First Quantization Estimation
* Increased-confidence Adversarial Examples for Deep Learning Counter-forensics
* Learning to Decipher License Plates in Severely Degraded Images
* LSSD: A Controlled Large JPEG Image Database for Deep-learning-based Steganalysis into the Wild
* Nested Attention U-net: A Splicing Detection Method for Satellite Images
* Neural Network for Denoising and Reading Degraded License Plates
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