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Odometry17 * *Visual Odometry and Computer Vision Applications Based on Location Clues
* Cluster-Wise Ratio Tests for Fast Camera Localization
* EgoTracker: Pedestrian Tracking with Re-identification in Egocentric Videos
* Ground Truth Accuracy and Performance of the Matching Pipeline
* Probabilistic Global Scale Estimation for MonoSLAM Based on Generic Object Detection
* Scene-Text-Detection Method Robust Against Orientation and Discontiguous Components of Characters
* Uncertainty Quantification of Lucas Kanade Feature Track and Application to Visual Odometry
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Odometry18 * *Visual Odometry and Computer Vision Applications Based on Location Clues
* Automated Virtual Navigation and Monocular Localization of Indoor Spaces from Videos
* Deep CNN-Based Framework For Enhanced Aerial Imagery Registration with Applications to UAV Geolocalization, A
* Deep Visual Teach and Repeat on Path Networks
* Drone-View Building Identification by Cross-View Visual Learning and Relative Spatial Estimation
* Integration of Absolute Orientation Measurements in the KinectFusion Reconstruction Pipeline
* Multi-scale Voxel Hashing and Efficient 3D Representation for Mobile Augmented Reality
* Optimal Linear Attitude Estimator for Alignment of Point Clouds
* Semantic Metric 3D Reconstruction for Concrete Inspection
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