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TASKCV14 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Automatic Expansion of a Food Image Dataset Leveraging Existing Categories with Domain Adaptation
* Domain Adaptation with a Domain Specific Class Means Classifier
* Multi-Modal Distance Metric Learning: A Bayesian Non-parametric Approach
* Multi-Task Multi-Sample Learning
* Nonlinear Cross-View Sample Enrichment for Action Recognition
* Testbed for Cross-Dataset Analysis, A
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TASKCV15 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Adapted Domain Specific Class Means
* Anatomical Landmark Detection in Medical Applications Driven by Synthetic Data
* Beyond Photo-Domain Object Recognition: Benchmarks for the Cross-Depiction Problem

TASKCV16 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Best Practices for Fine-Tuning Visual Classifiers to New Domains
* Deep Attributes for One-Shot Face Recognition
* Deep CORAL: Correlation Alignment for Deep Domain Adaptation
* Hard Negative Mining for Metric Learning Based Zero-Shot Classification
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition with CNNs
* Learning the Roots of Visual Domain Shift
* Lightweight Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Convolutional Filter Reconstruction
* Nonlinear Embedding Transform for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Online Heterogeneous Transfer Learning by Weighted Offline and Online Classifiers
* Training a Mentee Network by Transferring Knowledge from a Mentor Network
* Transfer Learning for Cell Nuclei Classification in Histopathology Images
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Regularized Domain Instance Denoising
* Visual Analogies: A Framework for Defining Aspect Categorization
* VLAD Is not Necessary for CNN
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TASKCV17 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Adaptive SVM+: Learning with Privileged Information for Domain Adaptation
* Curriculum Learning for Multi-task Classification of Visual Attributes
* Deep Depth Domain Adaptation: A Case Study
* Deep Domain Adaptation by Geodesic Distance Minimization
* Deep Modality Invariant Adversarial Network for Shared Representation Learning
* Discrepancy-Based Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: A Comparative Study
* Exploiting Convolution Filter Patterns for Transfer Learning
* Generating Visual Representations for Zero-Shot Classification
* Inferring Human Activities Using Robust Privileged Probabilistic Learning
* Zero-Shot Learning Posed as a Missing Data Problem
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TASKCV18 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Adding New Tasks to a Single Network with Weight Transformations Using Binary Masks
* DeeSIL: Deep-Shallow Incremental Learning
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Through Structure Enhancement
* Dynamic Adaptation on Non-stationary Visual Domains
* Generating Shared Latent Variables for Robots to Imitate Human Movements and Understand Their Physical Limitations
* Model Selection for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
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TASKCV19 * *Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV)
* Cross Domain Image Matching in Presence of Outliers
* Domain Adaptation for Vehicle Detection from Bird's Eye View LiDAR Point Cloud Data
* Hallucinating Agnostic Images to Generalize Across Domains
* Improving CNN Classifiers by Estimating Test-Time Priors
* Incremental Learning Techniques for Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Level Domain Adaptive Learning for Cross-Domain Detection
* Towards Efficient Instance Segmentation with Hierarchical Distillation
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation using Deep Networks with Cross-Grafted Stacks
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