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* Automatic Person Detection and Tracking using Fuzzy Controlled Active Cameras
* Capturing People in Surveillance Video
* Cast Shadow Removal Combining Local and Global Features
* EDA Approach for Model Based Localization and Recognition of Vehicles
* Euclidean Path Modeling from Ground and Aerial Views
* Hidden Markov Models with Kernel Density Estimation of Emission Probabilities and their Use in Activity Recognition
* Human Activity Recognition Based on R Transform
* Kernel-Based 3D Tracking
* Multi-Layer Background Subtraction Based on Color and Texture
* Multi-Object Tracking Using Color, Texture and Motion
* Multimodal Surveillance: an Introduction
* Multiple-View Face Tracking For Modeling and Analysis Based On Non-Cooperative Video Imagery
* Object Classification in Visual Surveillance Using Adaboost
* OVVV: Using Virtual Worlds to Design and Evaluate Surveillance Systems
* Progressive Learning for Interactive Surveillance Scenes Retrieval
* Real-time Object Classification in Video Surveillance Based on Appearance Learning
* Real-Time Posture Analysis in a Crowd using Thermal Imaging
* Recognizing Night Walkers Based on One Pseudoshape Representation of Gait
* Robust Change-Detection by Normalised Gradient-Correlation
* Semi-supervised Learning on Semantic Manifold for Event Analysis in Dynamic Scenes
* Sequential Architecture for Efficient Car Detection
* Sequential Monte Carlo Approach to Anomaly Detection in Tracking Visual Events, A
* Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation of Pedestrians using Top-down and Bottom-up Processing
* Spatio-temporal Shape and Flow Correlation for Action Recognition
* Two thresholds are better than one
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