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0112 * Aircraft Detection: A Case Study in Using Human Similarity Measure
* Application de la Morphologie Mathematique a l'Analyse des conditions d'Eclainage des Images Couleur
* Basic Processes of Chinese Character Based on Cubic B-Spline Wavelet Transform
* Character Recognition Method
* Coarse-to-Fine Dynamic Programming
* Color by Correlation: A Simple, Unifying Framework for Color Constancy
* Color Invariance
* Comprehensive Study of the Rational Function Model for Photogrammetric Processing, A
* Data- and Model-Driven Gaze Control for an Active-Vision System
* Directional Morphological Filtering
* Edge Detection with Embedded Confidence
* Edge, Junction, and Corner Detection Using Color Distributions
* Eigen-Texture Method: Appearance Compression and Synthesis Based on a 3D Model
* Extracting user data from a scanned image of a pre-printed form
* Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts
* General Scheme of Region Competition Based on Scale Space
* Hidden Markov Models with Spectral Features for 2D Shape Recognition
* Hierarchical Decomposition of Multiscale Skeletons
* Hyperpatches for 3D Model Acquisition and Tracking
* Image processing device
* Measurement of Cardiac Deformations from MRI: Physical and Mathematical Models
* Motion prediction apparatus and method
* Parameter-Free Geometric Document Layout Analysis
* Shape from Periodic Texture Using the Eigenvectors of Local Affine Distortion
* Simulated Evolution of Robot Perception, The
* Spatial Size Distributions: Applications to Shape and Texture Analysis
* System and method for enhancement of image contour fidelity
* System for detecting skin-tone regions within an image
* System for Person-Independent Hand Posture Recognition against Complex Backgrounds, A
* Tracking Nonrigid Motion and Structure from 2D Satellite Cloud Images without Correspondences
* Using Photo-Consistency to Register 2D Optical Images of the Human Face to a 3D Surface Model
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