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8201 * Approximation Algorithms for Convex Hulls
* Boundary Detection in Multidimensions
* Building and Road Extraction from Aerial Photographs
* Core-Line Tracing Algorithm Based on Maximal Square Moving, A
* Electron Image Processing: 1978-1980
* Fitting Conic Sections to Very Scattered Data: An Iterarive Refinement of the Bookstein Algorithm
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Texture Classification, A
* Method for Selecting Constrained Hand-Printed Character Shapes for Machine Recognition, A
* Model and Tracking Algorithm for a Class of Video Targets, A
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme for Television Pictures, A
* Neighbor Finding Techniques for Images Represented by Quadtrees
* Network Flow Approach to Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Projections, A
* Pattern Recognition Theory and Applications
* Pixel Classification Based on Gray Level and Local Busyness
* Recognition of Distorted Patterns Using the Viterbi Algorithm
* Refinement of a Spherical Decomposition Algorithm, A
* Scene-Based Nonuniformity Compensation for Imaging Sensors
* Surface Measurement by Space-Encoded Projected Beam System
* Threshold Selection Using Quadtrees
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