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8211 * Attributed Programmed Graph Grammars and Their Application to Schematic Diagram Interpretation
* Augmented Relaxation Labeling and Dynamic Relaxation Labeling
* Automated Visual Inspection: A Survey
* Chord Distributions for Shape Matching
* Construction for Visual C1 Continuity of Polynomial Surface Patches, A
* Convex Digital Solids
* Cursive Script by Elastic matching
* Digital Convexity, Straightness, and Convex Polygons
* Digital halftoning of images
* Document Analysis System
* Geometrical Approach to Polygonal Dissimilarity and Shape Matching, A
* Image Processing for Data Capture
* Improved Segmentation and Coding Algorithm for Binary and Nonbinary Images, An
* Isotropic Four-Point Interpolation Based on Cubic Splines, An
* Learning New Principles from Precedents and Exercises
* Mathematical Model for Computer Image Tracking, A
* Method for Computing the Partial Singular Value Decomposition, A
* Organization of Relational Models for Scene Analysis
* Shape Measurement of Curved Objects Using Multiple Slit-Ray Projections
* Simulation of mid-infrared clutter rejection: 1. One-dimensional LMS spatial filter and adaptive threshold algorithms
* Some Accuracy and Resolution Aspects of Computer Vision Distance Measurements
* Some Experiments in Image Vectorization
* Stable Matching Between a Hand Structure and an Object Silhouette
* String Correction Algorithm for Cursive Script Recognition, A
* Two-Pass Filling Algorithm for Raster Graphics, A
* Understanding Engineering Drawings
* Using Handwriting Action to Construct Models of Engineering Objects
* Volumetric Model and 3D Trajectory of a Moving Car from Monocular TV Frames Sequence of a Street Scene
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