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8606 * Adaptive Asteroid Zonal Filter for Data Compression, An
* Adaptive threshold document duplication
* Advances in Statistical Pattern Recognition
* Classifying Objects from Visual Information
* Coupled Depth/Slope Approach to Surface Reconstruction, The
* Device for taking panoramic photographs with ordinary cameras
* Distance Transformations in Digital Images
* Experiments on Pattern Recognition Using Invariant Fourier-Mellin Descriptors
* Eye controlled information transfer
* Fast Shape Descriptor, A
* Method and apparatus for controlling travel of an automatic guided vehicle
* Note on Rigid Body Motion from Depth and Optical Flow,, A
* On Compatibility and Support Functions in Probabilistic Relaxation
* Perception Of Apparent Motion, The
* Pulse and Staircase Edge Models
* Robust Method for Picture Segmentation Based on a Split-and-Merge Procedure, A
* Towards the Derivation of Three-Dimensional Descriptions from Image Sequences for Nonconvex Moving Objects
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