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9012 * *Subband Image Coding
* Automatic Representation of Binary Images
* Bayesian Modeling of Uncertainty in Low-Level Vision
* Character normalization using an elliptical sampling window for optical character recognition
* Design of Fiducials for Accurate Registration Using Machine Vision
* Error Analysis for Surface Orientation from Vanishing Points, An
* Estimation of Depth from Motion Using an Anthropomorphic Visual Sensor
* Feasibility of Motion and Structure from Noisy Time-Varying Image Velocity Information, The
* Finding Point Correspondences and Determining Motion of a Rigid Object from Two Weak Perspective Views
* Hough Transform and Signal Detection Theory Performance for Images with Additive Noise
* Index-Based Object Recognition in Pictorial Data Management
* Iterative Identification and Restoration of Images
* Laser range imaging system based on projective geometry
* Matching Aerial Images to 3-D Terrain Maps
* Method and apparatus for image processing to obtain three dimensional motion and depth
* Method and apparatus for uniquely identifying individuals by particular physical characteristics and security system utilizing the same
* Method for the encoding of data for assistance in the reconstruction of a sub-sampled moving electronic image
* Method for the enhancement of contours for video broadcasts
* New Set of Constraint-Free Character Recognition Grammars, A
* Nonlinear Multiresolution: A Shape-from-Shading Example
* On Characterizing Ribbons and Finding Skewed Symmetries
* On Recognizing and Positioning Curved 3-D Objects from Image Contours
* On the Localization Performance Measure and Optimal Edge Detection
* On Topology as Applied to Image Analysis
* Polynomial Methods for Structure from Motion
* Potentials, valleys, and dynamic global coverings
* Quantative Evaluation of Edge-Preserving Smoothing Techniques, A
* Reading Cursive Handwriting by Alignment of Letter Prototypes
* Rotation processing method of image and system therefor
* Shape Representation from Curvature
* Simultaneous Fitting of Several Planes to Point Sets Using Neural Networks
* Stereo Ranging with Verging Cameras
* Symbolic Reasoning in Object Extraction
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation of the Hough Transform
* Using Camera Motion to Estimate Range for Robotic Parts Manipulation
* Vector Field Restoration by the Method of Convex Projections
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