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Ilari, J. Co Author Listing * 2d Path Planning: A Configuration Space Heuristic Approach

Ilg, M. Co Author Listing * Application Of Voronoi Skeletons To Perceptual Grouping In Line Images, The
* Consistent Operations On A Spatial Data Structure
* Gripping Information For A Robot From Silhouettes
* Knowledge-Based Understanding Of Road Maps And Other Line Images
* Voronoi Skeletons: Theory And Applications

Iliades, P. Co Author Listing * New Asic For Real-Time Linear Color Space Transforms, A

Ilie, L. Co Author Listing * On A Geometric Problem Of Zigzags

Illing, D.P. Co Author Listing * Determining Perceptually Significant Points On Noisy Boundary Curves
* Reconstructing Partially Occluded Object Boundaries

Illingworth, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hough Transform, The
* Analysis Of Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders Under Perspective Projection
* Automatic Thresholding Algorithm And Its Performance, An
* Averaging Edge Detector, An
* Comparative Study Of Hough Transform Methods For Circle Finding
* Crs Image Processing Systems With Vlsi Modules
* Depth Data Segmentation Using Robust Estimation In A Hierarchical Data Structure
* Detecting Partially Occluded Ellipses Using The Hough Transform
* Foresight: Fast Object Recognition Using Geometric Hashing With Edge-Triple Features
* Formal Definition Of The Hough Transform: Properties And Relationships, A
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Bmvc 1993 (Guildford, Uk, September 21-23, 1993)
* Hierarchical Approach To Line Extraction Based On The Hough Transform, A
* Hierarchical Approach To Line Extraction, A
* Hypothesis Testing: A Framework For Analysing And Optimising Hough Transform Performance
* Hypothesis Testing: A Framework For Analyzing And Optimizing Hough Transform Performance
* Iee Proceedings: Vision, Image And Signal Processing
* Implicit Surface-Based Geometric Fusion
* Intentional Control Of Camera Look Direction And Viewpoint In An Active Vision System
* Locally Ordered Gray Levels As An Aid To Corner Detection
* Marching Triangles: Range Image Fusion For Complex Object Modelling
* Minimum Error Thresholding
* On Threshold Selection Using Clustering Criteria
* Optimal Parameter Selection For Derivative Estimation From Range Images
* Optimization Algorithms In Probabilistic Relaxation Labelling
* Relaxation Labelling Algorithms-A Review
* Reliable Surface Reconstruction From Multiple Range Images
* Statistics Of Surface Curvature Estimates
* Statistics Of Surface Curvature Estimates
* Survey Of The Hough Transform, A
* Threshold Selection Based On A Simple Image Statistic
* Vision, Image, And Signal Processing
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Illingworth, M. Co Author Listing * Spatial Database Manager For A Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Illingworth, W.T. Co Author Listing * Practical Guide To Neural Networks, Addison-Wesley, Reading, A

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