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Ito, A. Co Author Listing * Constant Leaf-Size Hierarchy Of Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines
* Deterministic Two-Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors Are Equivalent To Two-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata Through 180 Degree Rotation
* Effect Of Inkdots For Two-Dimensional Automata, The
* Nonclosure Properties Of Two-Dimensional One-Marker Automata
* Note On Three-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines, A
* Note On Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Finite Automata, A
* On The Power Of Two-Dimensional Synchronized Alternating Finite Automata
* Optimal Simulation Of Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata By Three-Way Nondeterministic Turing Machines
* Simulation Of Two-Dimensional One-Marker Automata By Three-Way Turing Machines, The
* Space Hierarchy Result On Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States, A
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Ito, E. Co Author Listing * Is Correspondence Necessary For The Perception Of Structure From Motion?

Ito, K. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Surface Orientation Using Gray Level Difference Statistics

Ito, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Iterative Procedure For Rapid And Precise Camera Calibration, A
* Range And Shape Measurement Using Three-View Stereo Analysis
* Three-Level Checkerboard Pattern (Tcp) Projection Method For Curved Surface Measurement, A
* Three-View Stereo Analysis

Ito, N. Co Author Listing * Combination Of Edge Detection And Region Extraction In Nonparametric Color Image Segmentation, The

Ito, T. Co Author Listing * Neocognitron: A Neural Model For A Mechanism Of Visual Pattern Recognition
* Similarity Measure Between Patterns With Nonindependent Attributes, A

Ito, Y. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Time-Spatial Size Of Motion Image For Localization By Using The Spotting Method

Itoh, H. Co Author Listing * Distance Measuring Method Using Only Simple Vision Constructed For Moving Robots
* Image Filtering, Edge Detection, And Edge Tracing Using Fuzzy Reasoning
* Method For Extracting Marked Regions From Document Images, A
* Skeleton Revision Algorithm Using Maximal Circles

Itoh, K. Co Author Listing * Convergence Properties Of Recursive Rank-Order Filter And Neural Network
* Nearest Neighbor Median Filter: Some Deterministic Properties And Implementations, The
* Rondo: Rank-Order Based Nonlinear Differential Operator

Itoh, Y. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Freehand Drawings In Chemical Plant Engineering

Itti, L. Co Author Listing * Learning To Detect Salient Objects In Natural Scenes Using Visual Attention
* Model Of Saliency-Based Visual Attention For Rapid Scene Analysis, A

Ittner, D.J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Surface Discrimination From Local Curvature Measures

Itzkovich, I. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Perception Based On Symbolic Two Dimensional Shape Description, Is 59, 1992

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