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Onaga, K. Co Author Listing * Theoretical Assessments Of Mean Square Errors Of Antialiasing Filters
* Theoretical Error Assessments Of Curved Line Digitization Schemes On Graphic Displays

Oncina, J. Co Author Listing * Cocke-Younger-Kasami Algorithm For Cyclic Strings, The

Ong, C. Co Author Listing * Robust Color Segmentation Using The Dichromatic Reflection Model

Ong, C.J. Co Author Listing * Growth Distances: New Measures For Object Separation And Penetration

Ong, P.W. Co Author Listing * Space Variant Image Processing

Ong, S.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Local Thresholding With Fuzzy-Validity-Guided Spatial Partitioning
* Edge Detection Using A Neural Network
* Fuzzy Pyramid Scheme For Distorted Object Recognition
* Fuzzy Pyramid-Based Invariant Object Recognition
* Image Processing '92 (Icip '92; Proceedings Of The Second Singapore International Conference On Image Processing, September 7-11, 1992), World Scientific
* Invariant Object Recognition Using A Neural Net Template Classifier
* Jayasooriah, A Domain Operator For Binary Morphological Processing
* Jayasooriah, A Practical Method For Estimating Fractal Dimension
* Jayasooriah, And R. Sinniah, Clump Splitting Through Concavity Analysis
* Jayasouriah, H.H. Yeow, And R. Sinniah, Decomposition Of Digital Clumps Into Convex Parts By Contour Tracing And Labelling
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Ongaro, P. Co Author Listing * Search And Replace Of 2-D Objects In Digital Images

Onishi, H. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Rotation And Parallel Translation Using Hough And Fourier Transforms

Onishi, R. Co Author Listing * Radius: Research And Development For Image Understanding Systems Phase 1

Onizawa, S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Lsi Isp-Iv Based On Local Parallel Architecture And Its Applications

Onn, R. Co Author Listing * Integrability Disambiguates Surface Recovery In Two-Image Photometric Stereo

Ono, N. Co Author Listing * Least Square Error Estimation Of The Center And Radii Of Concentric Arcs, A

Ono, S. Co Author Listing * Very High Resolution And Quality Imaging San Jose, Ca, February 10-11

Onoe, Y. Co Author Listing * Telepresence By Real-Time View-Dependent Image Generation From Omnidirectional Video Streams
* Visual Surveillance And Monitoring System Using An Omnidirectional Video Camera

Onoguchi, K. Co Author Listing * Drawing Plane Graphs Nicely
* Moving Object Recognition Method By Optical Flow Analysis, A
* Shadow Elimination Method For Moving Object Detection

Onuma, C. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Objects Including Persons Using Image Processing

Onural, L. Co Author Listing * Generating Connected Textured Fractal Patterns Using Markov Random Fields
* Gibbs Random Field Model Based 3-D Motion Estimation By Weakened Rigidity
* Gibbs Random Field Model Based Weight Selection For The 2-D Adaptive Weighted Median Filter
* Object Based 3-D Motion And Structure Estimation
* Rule-Based Method For Object Segmentation In Video Sequences, A

Onyango, C.M. Co Author Listing * Flexible Colour Point Distribution Models
* Modelling Grey Level Surfaces Using Three-Dimensional Point Distribution Models

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