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Pla, F. Co Author Listing * Building Perspective Models To Guide A Row Crop Navigation Vehicle
* Matching Feature Points In Image Sequences Through A Region-Based Method
* Neural Network-Based Algorithm To Detect Dominant Points From The Chain-Code Of A Contour, A
* Real-Time Visual Sensing For Task Planning In A Field Navigation Vehicle
* Recognition Of Partial Circular Shapes From Segmented Contours
* Segmentation Based On Region-Tracking In Image Sequences For Traffic Monitoring
* Using Neural Networks To Detect Dominant Points In Chain-Coded Contours
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Plaisant, C. Co Author Listing * Image-Browser Taxonomy And Guidelines For Designers

Plaisted, D.A. Co Author Listing * Heuristic Triangulation Algorithm, A

Plaks, T.P. Co Author Listing * Mesh Of Linear Arrays For Template Matching

Plamondon, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Processing Of Handwriting (Graphonomics Society Conference, Trondheim, Norway, July 1989), World Scientific
* Computer Recognition And Human Production Of Handwriting (Papers From The Third International Symposium On Handwriting And Computer Applications, Montreal, Quebec, 1987), World Scientific
* Guest Ed., Handwriting Processing And Recognition
* Guest Ed., Special Issue--Cursive Script Recognition
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Automatic Signature Verification
* Histogram Classifier For Characterization Of Handwritten Signature Dynamic
* Methodologies For Evaluating Thinning Algorithms For Character Recognition
* On-Line Recognition Of Handprint Schematic Pseudocode For Automatic Fortran Code Generation
* Pattern Recognition: Architectures, Algorithms And Applications (Papers From The Fourth Vision Interface Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 14-18, 1990), World Scientific
* Preprocessing Of Handwritten Signatures From Image Gradient Analysis
* Segmentation And Feature Extraction Of Handwritten Signature Patterns
* Segmentation Of Handwritten Signature Images Using The Statistics Of Directional Data
* Signature Verification From Position, Velocity And Acceleration Signals: A Comparative Study
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Plankensteiner, P. Co Author Listing * Sesam: A Biometric Person Identification System Using Sensor Fusion

Plantamp, D. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Echocardiographic Images

Plante, B.L. Co Author Listing * On The Parameters Of Human Visual Performance: An Investigation Of The Benefits Of Antialiasing

Plante, S. Co Author Listing * Corner Detection For Chain Coded Curves

Plantinga, H. Co Author Listing * Asp: A Continuous Viewer-Centered Representation For 3d Object Recognition, The
* Visibility, Occlusion, And The Aspect Graph

Plantinga, W.H. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Constructing The Aspect Graph, An
* On The Complexity Of Reachability And Motion Planning Questions

Plassard, T. Co Author Listing * Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System

Plastock, R.A. Co Author Listing * Schaum'S Outline Of Computer Graphics, Mcgraw-Hill

Plataniotis, K. Co Author Listing * Distance Measures For Color Image Retrieval

Platt, J. Co Author Listing * Elastically Deformable Models
* Generalization Of Dynamic Constraints, A

Platt, J.C. Co Author Listing * Constraint Methods For Flexible Models

Platzer, H. Co Author Listing * Depth Extraction By Stereo Triples And A Fast Correspondence Estimation Algorithm
* Geometrical-Transformation-Invariant Pattern Recognition Concept Incorporating Elementary Properties Of Neuronal Circuits, A

Pletinckx, D. Co Author Listing * Quaternion Calculus As A Basic Tool In Computer Graphics

Ploem, J.S. Co Author Listing * Pretopological Texture Model, A Multiparametric Image Model, And A Hierarchical Classification Method For The Analysis Of Digitized Images, A

Plomp, J. Co Author Listing * Object Oriented Representational System For Image Features And Their Relations, An

Plompen, R.H.J.M. Co Author Listing * Comments On ``A Recursive Kalman Window Approach To Image Restoration''
* Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Displacement Estimation Algorithm, A

Plonsey, R. Co Author Listing * Special Issue On Emerging Electromedical Technologies

Plouffe, W. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Selected Computer Interchange Color Spaces, An

Ploysongsang, A. Co Author Listing * Temporal Edge-Based Image Segmentor, A

Plumer, L. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings From Aerial Images Using Hierarchical Aggregation In 2d And 3d

Plummer, M.D. Co Author Listing * Matching Theory, North-Holland

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