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AMER. MATH. MONTHLY(100) * Pick'S Theorem

AMER. MATH. MONTHLY(91) * Generalized Problem Of Least Squares, A

AMER. MATH. MONTHLY(92) * Generalized Least Squares And Eigenvalues
* Local Symmetry Of Plane Curves
* Perpendicular Polygons
* Pick'S Theorem Revisited

AMER. MATH. MONTHLY(93) * Designing Buffon'S Needle For A Given Crossing Distribution
* Mnemonic For Areas Of Polygons, A
* Numerical Geometry-Numbers From Shapes
* Polya'S Orchard Problem
* Stochastic Characterization Of The Sine Function, A

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF(Physics) * Neural Networks For Computing

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(101) * Behind The Scenes Of A Random Dot Stereogram

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(91) * Number Of Furthest Neighbor Pairs Of A Finite Planar Set, The
* Taxicab Group, The

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(92) * Topological Approach To Digital Topology, A

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(94) * Fourteen Proofs Of A Result About Tiling A Rectangle

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(95) * Two Discrete Forms Of The Jordan Curve Theorem

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(98) * Distance Functions And Topologies

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY(99) * Jordan-Schonflies Theorem And The Classification Of Surfaces, The
* Triangles With Vertices On Lattice Points

AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTLY(94) * Number Of Three-Dimensional Convex Polyhedra, The

American Scientist(85) * Square Knots

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