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Amsterdam 95 * Handbook Of Incidence Geometry--Buildings And Foundations, Elsevier

Amsterdam 96 * Statistical Optimization For Geometric Computation: Theory And Practice, North-Holland
* Visual Attention And Cognition, North-Holland

Amsterdam * Parallel Processing For Artificial Intelligence 3, North-Holland
* Topological Algorithms For Digital Image Processing, North-Holland
* Vision In Vehicles V (Glasgow, Uk, Fall 1993), North-Holland

AMSTERDAM(84) * Eds. Computer Aided Geometric Design, North Holland

AMSTERDAM(85) * Automated Visual Inspection, North-Holland

AMSTERDAM(86) * Solid Modeling-A State-Of-The-Art Report, North-Holland
* Uncertainty In Artificial Intelligence, North Holland

AMSTERDAM(87) * Adaptive Brain (Volume 1: Cognition, Learning, Reinforcement, And Rhythm; Volume 2: Vision, Speech, Language, And Motor Control), North Holland, The
* Parallel Processing By Cellular Automata And Arrays (Parcella '86, Berlin, Gdr, September 9-11, 1986), North Holland

AMSTERDAM(88) * Matching Theory, North-Holland

AMSTERDAM(90) * Computer And The Brain-Perspectives On Artificial Intelligence, North-Holland, The

AMSTERDAM(91) * Computer Vision-A Unified, Biologically Inspired Approach, North-Holland

AMSTERDAM(94) * Computer Vision-A Unified, Biologically-Inspired Approach, Elsevier

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