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SP 15() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multidimensional Signal Processing (Fifth Mdsp Workshop, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, September 14-16, 1987)

SP 16() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Advances In Mathematical Morphology
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multidimensional Signal Processing (Part Ii)

SP(10) * Channel Error Propagation In Adaptive Tv Coders
* Component Coding Of The Ntsc Color Tv Signal
* Dpcm Picture Coding Using Two-Dimensional Quantizer
* Nonlinear Order Statistic Filters For Image Filtering And Edge Detection
* Polynomial Representation Of Pictures
* Some Theoretical Aspects Of A Backscattering Based Tomographic Imaging Technique
* Walsh Transform Applied To Digital Filtering
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SP(11) * Adaptive Region Growing Technique Using Polynomial Functions For Image Approximation
* Alternate Smoothing And Stripping Algorithm For Thinning Digital Binary Patterns, An
* Automated Identification Of A Combined Population Of Neurons And Astrocytes: Application Of A New Programming Approach Suitable For High Resolution Histological Sections
* Experiments On Two-Dimensional Decimation In Time And Orthogonal Transform Domains
* Iterative Restoration Technique, An
* Local Linear Transfermations For Texture Measurements
* Motion Compensating Field Interpolation Using A Hierarchically Structured Displacement Estimator
* Position, Rotation, And Scale Invariant Object Recognition By Digital Image Processing
* Study And Comparison Of Certain Shape Measures
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SP(12) * Effect Of Zero Feature Correlation Assumption On Maximum Likelihood Based Classification Of Chromosomes, The
* Pixel Labeling In A Second-Order Markov Mesh
* Real Time Digital Thresholding Of Data From Continuous Scanning Linear Arrays
* Structural Shape Recognition In A Multiresolution Environment
* Unwarping Of Slightly Distorted Periodic Structures Using Bidimensional Polynomial Representations

SP(13) * Application Of Autoregressive Models To Fine Arts Painting Analysis
* Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Displacement Estimation Algorithm, A
* Transition Detection In Image Processing
* Vector Median Filters

SP(14) * Analysis And Synthesis Of Structured Textures Pictures
* Application Of Dynamic Programming For Image Registration
* Application Of The Hough Transform To Automatic Recognition Of Berber Characters, An
* Automatic Recognition Of Isolated Arabic Characters
* Joint Spatial/Spatial-Frequency Representation
* Method For The Transformation Of Iconic Information Of Digitized Images Into Suitable Symbolic Descriptions For Image Interpretation, A
* New Automatic Techniques For Smoothing And Segmenting Sar Images
* Optical Profilometry And Three-Dimensional Digital Image Processing As A Tool For The Prevision Of Cavitation Erosion
* Template Location In Noisy Pictures
* Tracking Of Nonstationarities For Texture Fields
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SP(15) * Image Processing With Personal Computers
* Image Segmentation Based On Object Oriented Mapping Parameter Estimation
* Local Symmetry Features In Image Processing
* Low-Level Image Processing By Max-Min Filters
* Markovian Image Models For Image Labeling And Edge Detection
* Mathematical Morphology For Structures Without Translation Symmetry
* Note On The Use Of The Graylevel Co-Occurrence Matrix In Threshold Selection, A
* Texture Synthesis Using Hierarchical Linear Transforms
* Tradeoffs Between Speed And Accuracy In Two-Stage Template Matching
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SP(16) * Contrasts And Activity Lattice
* Differential Estimation Of The Global Motion Parameters Zoom And Pan
* Edge Location Shifts Produced By Median Filters: Theoretical Bounds And Experimental Results
* Entropic Thresholding
* Graphs And Mathematical Morphology
* Mathematical Morphology And Artificial Intelligence: An Automatic Programming System
* Morphological Modeling Of Images By Sequential Random Functions
* Occlusion Analysis For Object Detection Using The Generalised Hough Transform
* Optical Flow Calculation From Feature Space Analysis Through An Automatic Segmentation Process
* Recursive And/Or Iterative Estimation Of The Two-Dimensional Velocity Field And Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Motion
* Skeletons And Perceptual Graphs
* Speckle Removal On Radar Imagery Based On Arithmetical Morphology
* Standards Conversion Using Motion Compensation
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SP(17) * Edge Detection And Restoration Of Noisy Images By The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Optimal Median Type Filters For Exponential Noise Distributions
* Perceptual Relevance Of Scale-Space Image Coding, The

SP(18) * Framework For Processing And Interpretation Of Three-Dimensional Signals From Multislices, A
* Gaussian Filtering Of Images: A Regularization Approach
* Generation Of Root Signals Of Two Dimensional Median Filters
* Least-Squares Order Statistic Filters With Coefficient Censoring
* Motion Vector Coding With Conditional Transmission
* Moving Object Recognition And Classification In External Environments
* Object Shape Estimation From Tomographic Measurements-A Performance Analysis
* Robust Recognition Of Object Primitives Using Local Axes Of Symmetry, The
* Variable Median Filter For Image Restoration Adaptable To Different Types Of Spike Noise, A
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SP(19) * Fast Fourier Transforms: A Tutorial Review And A State Of The Art
* Improving An Extended Version Of The Hough Transform
* N-Dimensional Symmetries And Their Applications In Digital Filters
* Region Based Image Segmentation Using Stochastic Image Models
* Rough Grammar For A Linguistic Recognition Of Surface Patches, A
* Texture Segmentation By Least Squares Filters

SP(20) * Automated Basin Delineation From Digital Elevation Models Using Mathematical Morphology

SP(21) * Image Template Matching On Hypercube Simd Computers
* Maximum Entropy Approach To Interpolation, A
* Parallel Distance Transforms On Pyramid Machines: Theory And Implementation
* Reduced Edge Distortion Median Filtering Algorithm For Binary Images, A

SP(5) * Image Reconstruction From Acoustical Holograms Using Microprocessors
* Method For Evaluating Features Of Outlined Components Of An Image, A

SP(6) * Bayesian Direct Deconvolution Method: Properties And Applications, The
* Comparative Study Of Three Sequential Time Series Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Dpcm Coding Of The Chrominance Signals For The Transmission Of Colour Tv Signals At 34 Mbits/S
* Equivalence Of Best Plane Fit Gradient With Roberts', Prewitt'S, And Sobel'S Gradient For Edge Detection And A 4-Neighbor Gradient With Useful Properties, The
* Linear Mmse Filtering For Restoration Of Images Degraded By Film Grain Noise
* Multi-Dimensional Sub-Band Coding: Some Theory And Algorithms
* Simple Method To Test The Existence Of 2-D Partial Fraction Decomposition, A
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SP(7) * Block Realization Of 2-D, Iir Digital Filters
* Explicit Additive Noise Models For Uniform And Nonuniform Mmse Quantization
* Influence Of Motion On The Masking Of Quantization Errors In Three-Dimensional Dpcm Coding, The
* Interpolation Of Digital Imagery Using Hypersurface Approximation
* Modular Realization Of Multi-Dimensional Filters
* On The Use Of Continued Fraction Filter Structures For The Design Of 2-D Digital Filters
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction From A Limited Number Of Projections
* Two-Dimensional Digital Filters For Geophysical Applications: A Simple Design Method Leading To An Easy Implementation
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SP(8) * Analysis And Structural Recognition In Digital Image Processing
* Application Of Simulated Poisson Statistical Processes To Stem Imaging
* Automatic Computation Of Motion In An Image Sequence. Interest For Interpretation.
* Binary Detection In Presence Of Film Grain Noise And Intersymbol Interference
* Compact Contour Codes For Convex Binary Patterns
* Generalization Of Correlation Functions And The Wiener-Khinchin Theorem, A
* High Compression Image Coding Via Directional Filtering
* Maximum A Posteriori Estimation In Presence Of Film Grain Noise
* On 2-D Partial Fraction Decomposition
* On The Performance Of A Contour Coding Algorithm In The Context Of Image Coding. Part I: Contour Segment Coding
* Optimal Polygonal Approximation Of Digital Curves
* Parallel Analog To Digital Conversion With Speed/Precision Trade-Off
* Quantitative Evaluation Of Enhancement Techniques
* Reconstruction Of Object By Iterative Coded-Source Image Deconvolution
* Statistical Characterization Of Texture With An Application To Automated Inspection
* Synthetic High Coding For The Pal Luminance Signal
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SP(9) * Automatic Detection Of Cardiac Cavity Boundaries On Two-Dimensional Echocardiographic Image
* Bit Reversal And Generalized Sorting Of Multidimensional Arrays
* Concavity Characterization Method For Digital Objects, A
* Image Sharpening Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Multi-Dimensional Parametric Spectral Estimation
* Operational Filtering Of A Binary Image
* Optimization Of An Adaptive Intraframe/Interframe Dpcm Considering The Visibility Of Quantization Noise
* Some Properties And Fast Algorithms Of Slant Transform In Image Processing
* Square To Hexagonal Lattices Conversion
* Study Of The Computational Complexity Of Algorithms In Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing
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