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T-ASSP 36() * Guest Ed., Special Section On Neural Networks

T-ASSP(31) * Comments On ``A Recursive Kalman Window Approach To Image Restoration''
* Design Of Digital Fan Filters
* Error Analysis For 2-D Block Implemented Digital Filters, An
* Fast Quadratic Programming Algorithm For Positive Signal Restoration, A
* Generalization Of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations Of Order Statistics, A
* Minimal Delay Realization Of First Order 2-D All-Pass Digital Filters
* Speed Measurement By Cross Correlation -- Theoretical Aspects And Applications In The Paper Industry
* Two-Dimensional Root Structures And Convergence Properties Of The Separable Median Filter
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T-ASSP(32) * 2-D Bauer Factorization
* 2-D Spectral Estimation Combining Parametric Estimation Of Background And Maximum Entropy Estimation
* Adaptive Non-Linear Edge-Preserving Filter, An
* Alpha-Trimmed Means And Their Relationship To Median Filters
* Another Simplification In Multidimensional Stability Tests
* Application Of Two-Dimensional Generalized Mean Filtering For Removal Of Impulse Noises From Images
* Criteria For The Absence Of Limit Cycles In Two-Dimensional Discrete Systems
* Design Of Antialiasing Patterns For Time-Sequential Sampling Of Spatiotemporal Signals
* Design Of Inherently Stable Two-Dimensional Recursive Filters From One-Dimensional Filters
* Digital Sar Processing Using A Fast Polynomial Transform
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Motion Parameters Of A Rigid Planar Patch, Iii: Finite Point Correspondences And The Three-View Problem
* Feasible Solution In Signal Restoration, The
* Generalized Block Truncation Coding Algorithm For Image Compression, A
* Image Display Techniques Using The Cosine Transform
* Karhunen-Loeve Multispectral Image Restoration, Part I: Theory
* Lattice Parameter Autoregressive Modeling Of Two-Dimensional Fields --Part I: The Quarter-Plane Case
* Linear And Nonlinear Estimators For One- And Two-Dimensional Fourier Transforms
* Median Filtering By Threshold Decomposition
* New Types Of Adaptive Quantizers
* On The Stability Of Two-Dimensional State-Space Systems: A Special Case
* On The Use Of Singular Value Decomposition And Decimation In Discrete-Time Band-Limited Signal Extrapolation
* On Two-Dimensional Data Representation By Radial Base Functions
* Optimal Digitization Of 2-D Images
* Optimal Gain Derivation For The Lms Algorithm Using A Visual Fidelity Criterion
* Positive-Definite Matrix Which Is Not Extendible, A
* Quantizers For The Gamma Distribution And Other Symmetrical Distributions
* Reconstruction From Projections Based On Detection And Estimation Of Objects -- Parts I And Ii: Performance Analysis And Robustness Analysis
* Recursibility Of N-Dimensional Iir Digital Filters
* Relationship Between Maximum Likelihood And Autoregressive Modeling In Multidimensional Power Spectrum Estimation
* Significance Of Group Delay Functions In Signal Reconstruction From Spectral Magnitude Or Phase
* Spatial-Domain Design Of A Class Of Two-Dimensional Recursive Digital Filters
* Study Of Rectangular Transforms For Data Compression, A
* Sufficient Conditions For Minimum Phase Two-Dimensional Plsi'S
* Transformation Matrices In The General Bilinear Transformation Of Multivariable Polynomials
* Two-Dimensional Convolutions By Means Of Number Theoretic Transforms Over Residue Class Polynomial Rings
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction And Its Application To Adaptive Predictive Coding Of Images
* Unified Approach To Noniterative Linear Signal Restoration, A
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T-ASSP(33) * Analysis Of N-D General-Support Filters
* Circular Harmonic Analysis Of Psf'S Corresponding To Separable Polar-Coordinate Frequency Responses With Emphasis On Fan Filtering
* Classification Of Textures Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Comments On ``Design Of Inherently Stable Two-Dimensional Recursive Filter From One-Dimensional Filters''
* Comments On ``Direct Fourier Reconstruction In Computer Tomography''
* Complete Spectral Characterization Of Quarter-Plane Autoregressive Models, A
* Constrained Signal Restoration Via Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering
* Decomposition Theorem And Its Implications To The Design And Realization Of Two-Dimensional Filters, A
* Design Of 2-D Recursive Digital Filters With Constant Group Delay Characteristics Using Separable Denominator Transfer Function And A New Stability Test
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effects Of Architecture Implementation On Dft Algorithm Performance
* Error Analysis Of A Class Of Constrained Iterative Restoration Algorithms
* Estimation Of Local Statistics For Digital Processing Of Nonstationary Images
* Fast Hankel Transform Algorithm
* Fast Recursive Estimation Of The Parameters Of A Space-Varying Autoregressive Image Model
* Generalization Of Rudin'S Multivariable Stability Theorem, A
* Generalized Median Filtering And Related Nonlinear Filtering Techniques
* Image Compression Results Using The Lms Adaptive Algorithm
* Image Design: Generation Of A Prescribed Image Through A Diffraction-Limited System With High-Contrast Recording
* Lu Decomposition Theorem And Its Implications To The Realization Of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters, The
* Minimum Sampling Rates For Linear Shift-Variant Discrete-Time Systems
* Multidimensional State-Space Model Kalman Filtering With Applications To Image Restoration
* Naturalness-Preserving Transform For Image Coding And Reconstruction, A
* New Technique For The Design Of Two-Dimensional Fir And Iir Filters, A
* New Two-Dimensional Window, A
* Note On Estimation With Quantized Data, A
* One-Dimensional Processing For Adaptive Image Restoration
* Ordered And Partially Ordered Processing Of Multidimensional Images
* Output Distributions Of Two-Dimensional Median Filters
* Polynomial System Of Equations And Its Applications To The Study Of The Effect Of Noise On Multidimensional Fourier Transform Phase Retrieval From Magnitude
* Real-Time Image Processing By Distributed Arithmetic Implementation Of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters
* Root Properties And Convergence Rates Of Median Filters
* Sectioned Implementation Of Two-Dimensional Symmetric Half-Plane Recursive Filters
* Signal Reconstruction From Fourier Transform Sign Information
* Stability Invariance Of Discrete And Continuous Multidimensional Systems Under Some Variable Transformations
* Texture Synthesis Using 2-D Noncausal Autoregressive Models
* Transformation Method For The Reconstruction Of Functions From Nonuniformly Spaced Samples, A
* Two-Dimensional Differential Cepstrum, The
* Two-Dimensional Fast Cosine Transform, A
* Two-Dimensional Interpolation By Generalized Spline Filters Based On Partial Differential Equation Image Models
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction Models - Part I: Spectral Factorization And Realization
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T-ASSP(34) * Analysis Of The Error In The Reconstruction Of N-Dimensional Stochastic Processes
* Authors' Reply To ``Comments On `Direct Fourier Reconstruction In Computer Tomography' ''
* Class Of Rank Order Smoothers, A
* Design And Implementation Of Two-Dimensional Fully Recursive Digital Filters
* Digital Signal Restoration Using Fuzzy Sets
* Edge Detection Using The Linear Model
* Fast Algorithms For The Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
* Form-Invariant Linear Filtering: Theory And Applications
* General In-Place Calculation Of Discrete Fourier Transforms Of Multidimensional Sequences
* Gradient Algorithms For Designing Predictive Vector Quantizers
* Identification Of Image And Blur Parameters For The Restoration Of Noncausal Blurs
* Image Reconstruction From Zero Crossings
* Image Reconstruction Techniques In Tomographic Imaging Systems
* Index Transforms Of Multidimensional Cyclic Convolutions And Discrete Fourier Transforms
* Morphological Skeleton Representation And Coding Of Binary Images
* New Algorithm For Real-Time Median Filtering, A
* New Noiseless Coding Technique For Binary Images, A
* Nonlinear Mean Filters In Image Processing
* Nonlinear Space-Variant Postprocessing Of Block Coded Images
* On The Evaluation Of Double Square Integral In The (S(1), S(
* On Two-Dimensional Polyphase Filter Banks
* Optimal Technique For Constraint-Based Image Restoration And Reconstruction, An
* Parametric Projection Filter For Image And Signal Restoration
* Real-Time Two-Dimensional Moment Generating Algorithm And Its Single Chip Implementation, A
* Realization Of First-Order Two-Dimensional All-Pass Digital Filters
* Recursive Wiener Filtering For Image Restoration
* Some Properties Of A Class Of Rank Order Smoothers
* Stack Filters
* Subband Coding Of Images
* Vlsi Architecture For Dynamic Time-Warp Recognition Of Handwritten Symbols
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T-ASSP(35) * Algorithm To Find Two-Dimensional Signals With Specified Zero-Crossings, An
* Analysis Of Error In Reconstruction Of Two-Dimensional Signals From Irregularly Spaced Samples
* Comments On ``Two-Dimensional Interpolation By Generalized Spline Filters Based On Partial Differential Equation Image Models''
* Deterministic Properties Of The Recursive Separable Median Filter
* Edge Gradient Enhancing Adaptive Order Statistic Filter, An
* Fir-Median Hybrid Filters
* Hardware For Image Rotation By Twice Skew Transformations
* Multidimensional Cyclic Convolution Algorithms With Minimal Multiplicative Complexity
* On Root Structures Of Median And Median-Type Filters
* On Using Cooccurrence Matrices To Detect Periodicities
* Reconstruction Of Nonperiodic Two-Dimensional Signals From Zero Crossings
* Recursive Image Registration With Application To Motion Estimation
* Streaking In Median Filtered Images
* Theoretical Analysis Of The Max/Median Filter
* Vlsi Algorithms For Solving Recurrence Equations And Applications
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T-ASSP(36) * Adaptive Segmentation Of Speckled Images Using A Hierarchical Random Field Model
* Adaptive Trimmed Mean Filters For Image Restoration
* Bayesian Filtering Of Poisson Noise Using Local Statistics
* Comments On ``Theoretical Analysis Of The Max/Median Filter''
* Fpt Algorithm With A Modularized Structure For Computing 2-D Cyclic Convolutions, An
* New Method For Estimation Of Coronary Artery Dimensions In Angiograms, A
* On Detecting Edges In Speckle Imagery
* Recognition And Velocity Computation Of Large Moving Objects In Images
* Tree Encoding Of Line Drawings
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T-ASSP(37) * Binary Filters For Pattern Classification
* Classification Of Natural Textures By Means Of Two-Dimensional Orthogonal Masks
* Detection Algorithms For Image Sequence Analysis
* Digital Morphological Sampling Theorem, The
* Double Smoothing Of Images Using Median And Wiener Filters
* Double-Window Hodges-Lehman (D) Filter And Hybrid D-Median Filter For Robust Image Smoothing
* Dynamic Programming Algorithm For Elastic Registration Of Distorted Pictures Based On Autoregressive Models, A
* Efficient Evaluation Of 1-D And 2-D Polynomials At Equispaced Points
* Efficient Impulsive Noise Suppression Via Nonlinear Recursive Filtering
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Multidimensional Signal Processing In Image Analysis
* Image Coding-From Waveforms To Animation
* Image Reconstruction And Restoration: Overview Of Common Estimation Structures And Problems
* Ll Filters-A New Class Of Order Statistic Filters
* Multifrequency Channel Decompositions Of Images And Wavelet Models
* Nonlinear Smoothing Filters Based On Rank Estimates Of Location
* On Computation Of The Running Median
* Optimal Stack Filtering And The Estimation And Structural Approaches To Image Processing
* Parametrized Family Of Nonlinear Image Smoothing Filters, A
* Reconstructions From Zero Crossings In Scale Space
* Signal Processor For Median-Based Algorithms, A
* Simd Architectures And Algorithms For Image Processing And Computer Vision
* Synthesis Of Two-Dimensional Binary Images Through Band-Limited Systems: A Slicing Method
* Systolic Realization For 2-D Digital Filters, A
* Theory Of Order Statistic Filters And Their Relationship To Linear Fir Filters
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T-ASSP(38) * Adaptive Multiple-Band Cfar Detection Of An Optical Pattern With Unknown Spectral Distribution
* Adaptive Stack Filtering Under The Mean Absolute Error Criterion
* Analysis Of Ordered Dither For Arbitrary Sampling Lattices And Screen Periodicities
* Application-Specific Architectural Methodologies For High-Throughput Digital Signal And Image Processing
* Convergence Behavior And N-Roots Of Stack Filters
* Decision-Based Order Statistic Filters
* Disiple: Digital Signal Processor Programming Language And Environment
* Event Detection In Multisource Imaging: Application To Fine Arts Painting Analysis
* Fir-Median Hybrid Filters With Excellent Transient Response In Noisy Conditions
* Guest Eds., Special Section On Higher Order Spectral Analysis
* Hermite Transform-Applications, The
* Hermite Transform-Theory, The
* Markov And Recursive Least Squares Methods For The Estimation Of Data With Discontinuities
* Minimum Mean Absolute Error Stack Filtering With Structural Constraints And Goals
* Nonrecursive And Recursive Stack Filters And Their Filtering Behavior
* Nonuniform Image Motion Estimation From Noisy Data
* On The Max/Median Filter
* Regularization Theory In Image Restoration-The Stabilizing Functional Approach
* Serial Architectures For The Implementation Of 2-D Digital Filters And For Template Matching In Digital Images
* Stochastic And Deterministic Networks For Texture Segmentation
* String Processing On The Hypercube
* Structural Processing Of Waveforms As Trees
* Theory Of Two-Dimensional Multirate Filterbanks
* Vlsi Median Filters
* Weighted Averaging Of A Set Of Noisy Images For Maximum Signal-To-Noise Ratio
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