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TCS (140) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Design And Analysis Of Geometrical Algorithms For Robot Motion Planning And Vision

TCS(103) * Minimum Vertex Hulls For Polyhedral Domains

TCS(104) * On Reversal-Bounded Picture Languages

TCS(106) * More Efficient Bottom-Up Multi-Pattern Matching In Trees

TCS(108) * Picture Words With Invisible Lines

TCS(112) * Sheaf-Theoretic Approach To Pattern Matching And Related Problems, A
* Shortest Curves In Planar Regions With Curved Boundary

TCS(116) * Affine Automata And Related Techniques For Generation Of Complex Images
* Using Geometric Rewrite Rules For Solving Geometric Problems Symbolically

TCS(125) * Some Results Concerning 2-D On-Line Tessellation Acceptors And 2-D Alternating Finite Automata

TCS(127) * Rice'S Theorem For The Limit Sets Of Cellular Automata

TCS(132) * On Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching By Optimal Parallel Algorithms
* Retreat Bounded Picture Languages

TCS(136) * Quadtree Algorithm For Template Matching On A Pyramid Computer, A
* Recognition Of Graphs By Automata

TCS(140) * Augmented Voronoi Roadmap For 3d Translational Motion Planning For A Convex Polyhedron Moving Amidst Convex Polyhedral Obstacles, An
* Discrete Warehouse Problem
* Efficient Algorithms For Shortest Distance Queries On Special Classes Of Polygons
* On Fast Planning Of Suboptimal Paths Amidst Polygonal Obstacles In The Plane
* Reaching A Goal With Directional Uncertainty
* Simplified Design Strategy For Mapping Image Processing Algorithms On A Simd Torus, A

TCS(143) * Graphs Generalizing Closed Curves With Linear Construction Of The Hamiltonian Cycle--Parametrization Of Discretized Curves
* Optimal Simulation Of Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata By Three-Way Nondeterministic Turing Machines

TCS(145) * Generating Self-Affine Fractals By Collage Grammars
* Pattern Growth In Elementary Cellular Automata

TCS(147) * Fast Scan-Line Algorithm For Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects In 2.5d Digital Pictures, A

TCS(157) * Flexible High-Order Discretization Of Geometric Data For Global Motion Planning

TCS(163) * There Is No Local Characterization Of Separating And Thin Objects In $Z^3$

TCS(178) * Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Digital Curve Segmentation, An
* Recognizable Picture Languages And Domino Tiling

TCS(27) * Fast Detection Of Poyhedral Intersection
* Open Maps For Tessellation Automata
* Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines

TCS(28) * On Heads Versus Tapes

TCS(29) * Characterizations And Computational Complexity Of Systolic Trellis Automata

TCS(31) * Restrictions On Nlc Graph Grammars

TCS(32) * Iterative Tree Automata
* On Graph Rewritings

TCS(40) * Parallel And Sequential Computation On Boolean Networks

TCS(41) * Alternating Tree Automata
* Fast Parallel Language Recognition By Cellular Automata

TCS(43) * Efficient String Matching With K Mismatches
* Topological Characterization Of Thinning, A

TCS(48) * Sequential Simulation Of Parallel Iterations And Applications

TCS(49) * Partitioning Point Sets In Arbitrary Dimensions

TCS(51) * Parallel String Matching With K Mismatches

TCS(52) * Membership And Equivalence Problems For Picture Languages, The

TCS(53) * Geometric Containment And Vector Dominance

TCS(54) * Geometric Optimization And The Polynomial Hierarchy

TCS(57) * Greedy Approximation Algorithm For Constructing Shortest Common Superstrings, A
* Relating The Power Of Cellular Arrays To Their Closure Properties
* Two-Dimensional Iterative Arrays: Characterizations And Applications

TCS(59) * Optimal Dynamic Embedding Of X-Trees Into Arrays

TCS(60) * Matching Patterns In Strings Subject To Multi-Linear Transformations

TCS(63) * Structural And Behavioral Equivalence Relations In Automata Networks

TCS(66) * Deterministic Two-Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors Are Equivalent To Two-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata Through 180 Degree Rotation

TCS(68) * Euclidean Geometry In Terms Of Automata Theory
* Transformation System For Generating Description Languages Of Chain Code Pictures, A

TCS(73) * Complexity And Decidability For Restricted Classes Of Picture Languages
* String Matching With Weighted Errors

TCS(78) * Searching Subsequences

TCS(80) * Testing Approximate Symmetry In The Plane Is Np-Hard

TCS(81) * Fast Parallel And Serial Multidimensional Approximate Array Matching
* On The Connectedness Of Pictures In Chain Code Picture Languages

TCS(82) * Algorithm For Distinguishing Efficiently Bit-Strings By Their Subsequences, An

TCS(84) * Multidimensional Trees

TCS(87) * Machine Characterization Of (E0l-E0l) Array Languages

TCS(88) * Graph Grammars With Path-Controlled Embedding
* Usefulness Of The Karp-Miller-Rosenberg Algorithm In Parallel Computations On Strings And Arrays

TCS(93) * Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Forest And Term Matching

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