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* Z-Shaped Nonlinear Transform For Image Segmentation And Classification In Intelligent Debris Analysis, A
* Z-Trees: Adaptive Pyramid-Algorithms For Image Segmentation
* Zernike Moment-Based Feature Detectors
* Zero-Crossing-Based Optimal Three-Dimensional Edge Detector, A
* Zero-Crossing Interval Correction In Tracing Eye-Fundus Blood Vessels
* Zero-Crossings Of A Wavelet Transform
* Zero Crossings Of A Non-Orthogonal Wavelet Transform For Object Location
* Zero Crossings On Lines Of Curvature
* Zeta: A Resolution Modeling System
* Ziplock Snakes
* Zippered Polygon Meshes From Range Images
* Zonal Method For Calculating Light Intensities In The Presence Of A Participating Medium, The
* Zoom-Invariant Vision Of Figural Shape | Effects On Cores Of Image Disturbances
* Zoom-Invariant Vision Of Figural Shape: The Mathematics Of Cores
* Zooming By Repeated Range Detection

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