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Al Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos] Co Author Listing * multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition, A
Includes: Al Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos] Al-Fahdawi, S.[Shumoos]

Al Fahoum, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Quantization Table Design for Echocardiac Images
Includes: Al Fahoum, A. Al-Fahoum, A.

Al Fahoum, A.S. Co Author Listing * Combined edge crispiness and statistical differencing for deblocking jpeg compressed images
Includes: Al Fahoum, A.S. Al-Fahoum, A.S.

Al Fuqaha, A. Co Author Listing * Online Algorithm for Opportunistic Handling of Received Packets in Vehicular Networks
* Sentiment Analysis from Images of Natural Disasters
Includes: Al Fuqaha, A. Al-Fuqaha, A. Al-Fuqaha, A.[Ala]

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