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Alldieck, T. Co Author Listing * Detailed Human Avatars from Monocular Video
* Optical Flow-Based 3D Human Motion Estimation from Monocular Video
* Video Based Reconstruction of 3D People Models
Includes: Alldieck, T. Alldieck, T.[Thiemo]

Alldrin, N. Co Author Listing * Learning from Noisy Large-Scale Datasets with Minimal Supervision
* Photometric stereo with non-parametric and spatially-varying reflectance
Includes: Alldrin, N. Alldrin, N.[Neil]

Alldrin, N.G.[Neil G.] Co Author Listing * Planar Light Probe, A
* Resolving the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity by Entropy Minimization
* Toward Reconstructing Surfaces With Arbitrary Isotropic Reflectance: A Stratified Photometric Stereo Approach

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