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Aouf, L.[Lofti] Co Author Listing * Benefits of the Ka-Band as Evidenced from the SARAL/AltiKa Altimetric Mission: Scientific Applications, The
* Extreme Wave Height Events in NW Spain: A Combined Multi-Sensor and Model Approach
Includes: Aouf, L.[Lofti] Aouf, L.[Lotfi]

Aouf, N.[Nabil] Co Author Listing * Dense optical flow via robust data fusion
* Efficient visual object detection with spatially global Gaussian mixture models and uncertainties
* GPU-based real-time RGBD data filtering
* L_inf Norm Based Solution for Visual Odometry
* Multispectral Stereo Odometry
* New Passive 3-D Automatic Target Recognition Architecture for Aerial Platforms, A
* Novel Image Representation via Local Frequency Analysis for Illumination Invariant Stereo Matching, A
* Real-time smart and standalone vision/IMU navigation sensor
* recursive robust filtering approach for 3D registration, A
* Robust Brightness Description for Computing Optical Flow
* Sphere detection and tracking for a space capturing operation
Includes: Aouf, N.[Nabil] Aouf, N.
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