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Baiocchi, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * ACYOTB Plugin: Tool for Accurate Orthorectification in Open-Source Environments
* Augusto's Sundial: Image-based Modeling for Reverse Engeneering Purposes
* Geomatic Methodologies for the Study of Teatro Massimo in Palermo (Italy)
* Integrated Survey for Tensional Analysis of The Vault of The Church Of San Nicola in Montedoro
* Pansharpening Techniques to Detect Mass Monument Damaging in Iraq
* Photogrammetric Survey With Fisheye Lens for the Characterization Of The La Sassa Cave
* Prompt Methodology to Georeference Complex Hypogea Environments, A
* Reconstruction of Historical Geodetic Systems for Their Implementation In Reprojection Algorithms
* Scan to BIM for 3D Reconstruction of the Papal Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy
* Three-dimensional Survey of Guattari Cave With Traditional and Mobile Phone Cameras
* UAV Application in Post-Seismic Environment
Includes: Baiocchi, V.[Valerio] Baiocchi, V.
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