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Bise, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Modeling of Dense Capillaries by Multi-objects Tracking
* Adaptive Weighting Multi-Field-Of-View CNN for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
* Automated Mitosis Detection of Stem Cell Populations in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Images
* Cell Detection From Redundant Candidate Regions Under Nonoverlapping Constraints
* Cell image analysis: Algorithms, system and applications
* Consistent Cell Tracking in Multi-frames with Spatio-Temporal Context by Object-Level Warping Loss
* Estimation of Wetness and Color from a Single Multispectral Image
* MPM: Joint Representation of Motion and Position Map for Cell Tracking
* Multi-Class Cell Detection Using Modified Self-Attention
* Multi-Frame Attention with Feature-Level Warping for Drone Crowd Tracking
* Negative Pseudo Labeling Using Class Proportion for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
* Virtual Blood Vessels in Complex Background Using Stereo X-Ray Images
* Weakly Supervised Cell-Instance Segmentation with Two Types of Weak Labels by Single Instance Pasting
* Weakly-supervised Cell Tracking via Backward-and-forward Propagation
* Wetness and Color from a Single Multispectral Image
Includes: Bise, R. Bise, R.[Ryoma]
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